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Google Earth is a map, a virtual representation of the globe with images from a myriad of satellites, each with its own orbitting point of view. These images are overlaid upon a wireframe model of the earth, with the result being a picture of the earth from the point of view of the orbiting satellites.

The images are updated regularly but not immediately so that the images you see have a lag time between the point at which the image was made, and the time you are viewing it.

Google Earth was originally developed by Keyhole, Inc. which was a military satellite system. It was purchased by Google in 2004.
The program uses satellite and aerial photos coupled with images produced on the ground and data from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map the world. (see
Topics: Google Earth history and background; interface; navigation tools; searching; marking locations; working with video/sound; making tours; differences between GE Pro and GE; exporting kmz/kml files
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