Chose one article to read this month. Blog notes and questions as you read. You will be joining up with others reading the same article and together will present an overview and highlight key relevant points within each article, giving both depth and breadth.
The Headmap manifesto [pdf]
Beyond Locative Media or [pdf]
2009-Locative Media in Brazil by Andres Lemos

Below are some suggestions to consider for class discussion on the readings. These are guidelines not a questionnaire to be answered.

Please blog your responses to the articles before this class.

Read in sweeps. Mine what you read for ideas, thoughts and new information.

Bring a hard copy of the article to class for reference or bring your laptop to access the article online, as well as your blog notes.

1. Describe (Background/Overview/Connections)
a. What is the article about? Give an overview or synopsis.
b. What's some context for the article: who wrote it and when? Is it old? New? Historical? Contemporary?
c. Chose a minimum of 3 key points within the article that are particularly relevant to you to present and discuss in class. Give your reason for the choice (what drew you to them and why it's of value to you?)

2. Assess (Vaue added to your knowledge/Topics & Areas missing of interest to you)
a. What are some of the ideas you learned from the article?
b. How does it add to what you are learning about the area?
c. What topics or ideas would you have liked to see included that are not part of the article?

3. Critique (Structure/Effectiveness/Clarity)
a. Comment on how the article is written -- it's structure and organization. Is it a "traditional" , linear essay? Is it organized in an unusal way?
b. Comment on the connections between the structure of the article (how it was organized and writter) and it's success/ease/clarity on conveying ideas? Does the structure help/impede/facilitate your understanding of the material?