Four readings are assigned with four short reading responses of 500 to be posted to your blogs. The readings are important as they relate directly to the assignments and inform your ideas.

• Reading 1: Due: 9.1

Sol Lewitt on conceptual art


• Reading 2: Due: 9.8 9.21

Chose one:

- Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing and Sniping in the Empire of Signs by Mark Dery or

- "Dark Matter: Activist Art and the Counter-Public Sphere" by Gregory Sholette


• Reading 3: Due: 10.13

Ryan Griffis: "For an art against the cartography of everyday life"


• Reading 4: Due: 11.3

Paula Levine: "The Past in Present Tense" (pdf)

Extra Credit
As we may think by Vannevar Bush (Seminal article from 1941 by the man who directed the Manhatten Project, designing the atomic bomb. Predictions on the state of tchnological change from the pov of 60+ years ago)
Writing in the age of distraction by Cory Doctorow (how to write and think in the time of multitasking)
Redo any one of the projects you have done this semester to strengthen the work.
For an A:
Go to 3 outside events related to this class. Write a review (500 words minimum) of the event giving a description of the event and a critical assessment of what you saw.