Chapter 9 –   Databases, Surveillance, Information Structures, RFID tracking, Business structures    Examples of Visuals

Stephen Wilson, Art Department, San Francisco State University

Preemptive Media.  Swipe. (installation that steals information from driver's licences and other personal cards)
Perry Hoberman.  Bar-Code Hotel.  (every item in the installation is bar coded and available for reading)
George Legrady.  Making Visible the Invisible.  (real time display in Seattle public library based on the data of books being checked out and in)
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James Coupe.  Difference Engine.  (Four different nodes search the Internet for metaphyiscal information and iteractively follow up on what they find interesting. The use speech synthesis to constanty report of their searches.)
Marko Peljhan, Projekt Atol, Makrolab.  (groups of artists and scientists live together in self sustaining research modules situated in varius places)
Lisa Jevbratt. 1:1. (systematic ping process to identify and represent information about every Internet address starting at
Mark Napier. Black & White. (each bit of information on CNN is graphically translated.  part of rhyzome series inviting artists to use the net client that builds on US Security agency Carnivore software that snoops on Internet traffic.
Jonah Brucker-Cohen. Police State.  (security data is converted into police codes that run toy police cars.  Part of Carnivore event)
policestate final
Marcos Weskamp. Newsmap. (real time representation of the space given to various news items on the web by various news sources) 
Ken Goldberg.  Demonstrate.  (net controllable surveillance camera aimed at Sproul Plaza UC Berkeley, home of the free speech movement)
Camera demo loading...
Marie Senster. Exposure. (installation employing truck sized x-rays  used for homeland security activities)
Surveillance Camera Players.  (street theater created for the benefit of surveillance cameras)
Ben Fry.  Valence.  (a system that reads all the words in a book and places them spatially to represent their conceptual relationships)
Benjamin Fry «Valence»
Osman Khan, Daniel Sauter. We interrupt your regularly scheduled program (system scans broadcast tv and adds to a cumulating visual history of the images)
Norimichi HIRAKAWA. Drift Net. (Real time interactve visualization of the Internet as ocean of data)
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Eve Andrée Laramée.  Aparatus for the Distillation of Vague Intutions.  (Commentary of science and art use of maps and devices to represent information) apparatus.gif
Joel Slayton et al. C5. ("C5 Corporation specializes in cultural production informed by the blurred boundaries of research, art and business practice. Theory as Product")
Etoy.  ("The firm represents the core and code of the corporate sculpture, and controls, protects, promotes, and exploits the cultural substance (intellectual property)" etoy-frontpage