Chapter 8 –   Extensions to Computing – gesture recognition, artificial intelligence, smart objects, pervasive computing, virtual reality, speech recognition     Examples of Visuals

Stephen Wilson, Art Department, San Francisco State University

David Rokeby.  Seen.  (System scans San Marco Plaza in Venice and extracts 'items of interest')
Jim Campbell.  Interactive Hallucination.  (Installation determines video boundaries of visitors and fills them with flame)
Scott Snibbe.  Shadow Bag.  (Captures silouettes and allows interactions with puppet versions of a person's shadow)
Camille Utterback.  Text Rain.  (Text falls and reacts to the video image of viewers)
Simon Biggs.  Stream.  (Flowing text and images of water influenced by visitor motion)
Tatsuo Miyajima. Counter Void. (Visitor movements affect real time countdown clock projections)
Counter Void
Perry Hoberman.  Timetable.  (Projected clocks, meters, speedometers change as result of actions by multiple viewers)
Toshio Iwai  Composition on a Table. (Mixed reality installation in which physical objects interact with projected elements)
Masaki Fujihata.  Beyond Pages.  (Physical items on a table and items in a virtual world mutually influence each other.) The image “$files/273823/weibel_04-Kopiejpg.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Hiroshi Ishii et al.  Musical Bottles.  (Bottles act as graspable containers and controls for musical information - for example taking out the top unleashes the music)
Marc Bohlen. Amy & Klara.  (Two artificial characters use AI to interpret internet text  and have arguments based on what they read)
Lynn Hershman.  DiNA.  (Online personality running for office uses artificial intelligence to refine its ability to converse with people both in content and tone of voice)
Antoine Schmitt.  Avec Determination.  (Artificial creatures endowed with physical and emotional characteristics are set loose in a phyiscally constrained environment) The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Topological Media Lab. Hubbub. (System extracts words from speech utterances in urban spaces and projects them)
Joan La Barbara.  Messa di Voce. (Audiovisual performance in which the speech, shouts and songs produced by two abstract vocalists are augmented in real-time by visualization software) Messa di Voce
Jason Lewis.  TextOrgan.  (Performance environment that converts spoken text into graphic elements integrated with video of viewer)
greenstain6.jpg 19.5K
F.A.B.R.I.CATORS. Last Supper.  (Interactive 3d virtual reality installation allows viewer to explore the last supper scene from many viewpoints)
Fogscreen.  Ballet Demo.  (System projects images onto fog space resulting in perception of 3d space)
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Art+Com. Zerscher.   (An image changes based on reading of the viewer's gaze)
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Mateusz Herczka. Life Support System.  (system reads electrical signals from orchids and uses ai language analysis to determine their needs)