Chapter 7 –   Telecommunications, Telepresense, Mobiles, GPS, Locative Media   Examples of Visuals

Stephen Wilson, Art Department, San Francisco State University

Mark Hansen/Ben Rubin.  Listening Post (Installation built by monitoring the text typed by users in thousands of chat rooms)
Atau Tanaka and Kasper Toeplitz.  Global String.  (Vibration is determined by net activity around the world)
 Paul DeMarinis. The Messenger. (Installation reflects on history of telecommunications in which separate wires each carried one letter and indicated message by bubbling water)
Stelarc.  Ping Body.  (Muscle stimulators on performer activated in accordance with world wide Internet activity)
Haruki Nishijima. Remain in Light.  (Nets collect and store radiowaves)
Usman Haque. Sky Ear.  (Baloon based system monitors electromagnetic communications and converts signals into colored light)
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Ken Goldberg.  Teleactor. (Internet visitors vote in real time to determine the next actions to be taken by Internet linked proxy)
 Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Relational Architecture: Vectoral Elevation. (Internet visitors control spotlight positions over Mexico City)
Paul Sermon.  Telematic Dreaming.  (People share a bed together via telecommunications link)
Adrienne Wortzel.  Kiru. (Robot controlled via telecommunications) Child-sized robot meanders museum lobby, as people stare.
Christa Sommerer/ Laurent Miggonneau.  Mobile Feelings. (Using biosensors and bio actuators the devices attempt to communicate emotional state)
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James Auger, Jimmy Loizeau, Stefan Agamanolis.  Iso-Phone. (Isolation tanks used to enhance the power of telecommunications)
Helen Thorington et al. Adrift.  (Multilocation performance via telecom)
Joseph DeLappe.  Dead-in-Iraq.  (Intervention in online war game to enter the names of dead soldiers in Iraq)
Teri Rueb. Drift.  ( Audio portions of story activated when visitors move to locations - Locative narrative at sea shore realized via GPS )
Blast Theory. Can You See Me Now?  (Urban game played via mobiles and location tracking) Runner with handheld