Chapter 6 –   Robotics, Kinetics, and Sound Installation   Examples of Visuals

Stephen Wilson, Art Department, San Francisco State University

Amanda Parke/Hayes Raffle.   Topobo.  (Self assembling kinetic system with memory)
Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau.  Nanoscape.  (Force feedback correlated with virtual object)
Nicolas Stedman.  Blanket Project.  (Self activated blanket)
Jeppe Hein.  360 Presence.  (Self activated metal ball)
Spots. Activated Architecture.  (Computer controlled building lights)
Beatriz da Costa. Self-tuning cello. (Cello tries to keep itself tuned)
Seemen.  Participatory Devices. (Audience member controls fire cage)
Survival Research Labs.  Hand of God.  (Robots reflecting on military devices)
Jrg Lehni /Uli Franke. Hector.  (Wall painting robot)
Institute for Applied Autonomy.  Graffiti Writer. (Robot for writing street graffiti)
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Chico MacMurtie. Robot Musicians.  (Robots are expert at particular instruments)
Gil Kuno.  Six String Sonics.  (Each musician controls one string)
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Infrasound project.  (Performances at inaudible infrasonic range)
Infrasound pipe resonator
Gordon Monahan. Swinging Speaker. (Performances based on doppler effect of sound sources in motion)

Gordon Monahan «Speaker Swinging» | Speakers' Swinging