Chapter 4 - Physical Science, Geology, Meteorology, Materials Science, Rapid Prototyping, Space Science   Examples of Visuals

Stephen Wilson, Art Department, San Francisco State University

Shawn Brixey.  Eon.  (Voice translated into sonolumescence at atomic level)
James Acord.  Hannover Project. (Sculpture to be built with radioactive wastes)
Victoria Vesna /Jm Gimzewski - ZeroWave (Nanostructure models brought into media setting)
Tom Dukich. Weather Songs (World weather patterns converted to sound)
Andrea Polli. Weather Works (Spatial installations that reenact famous storms)
C5.  Analagous Landscape.  (Multimodal installation focused on interactions with Mt Fuji via computer models and GPS assisted hiking)
Seiko Mikami / Sota Ichikawa . Gravicells. (Projection of gavity forces based on spectator movement)  The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
 Joan Lederman.  Sediment based glazes (Glazes constructed with ocean sediment patterns)
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Eric Orr.  Electrum.  (Sculptures that push the limits of tesla coils)
Evelyn Rosenberg.  Frozen Fountain.  (Sculputre created via detongraphics, controlled blowing up of materials)
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Rachel Wingfield. Digital Dawn. (Illuminated textiles respond to environment via e-inks.)  __
Christain Lavigne.  Coupe Delphique.  (Sculpture created using rapid prototyping technology.

Coupe delphique I
Kitsou Dubois.  Zero Gravity Dance.  (Dance performed in astronaut training simulators)