Chapter 3 -Body & Medicine    Examples of Visuals

Stephen Wilson, Art Department, San Francisco State University

Arthur Elsenaar/ Remko Scha. Huge Harry.  (Facial muscles manipulated by artificial character)  preview
Christophe Bruno. WiFi SM.  (Shock automatically applied based on bad news words in Internet news sites)
Marcel-li Antunez Roca. Requiem.  (Spectators activate pneumatic controllers of the artist's body)
Phillip Warnell. Borborygmus, (Amplified and processed sound derived from stomach sounds)

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Kira O’Reilly. Self Surgery.  Blood based performances.
Stelarc.  Stomach Sculpture. (Broadcasts from inside the stomach)
Tissue Culture & Art.  Victimless Leather.  (Artificial tissue built from stem cells)
Julia Reodica. Hymnext. (Creation of artificial hymens out of tissue culture) 
Stelarc.  Amplified Body.  (Exoskeleton controlled by muscle impulses)
Smart Studio.  Brainball.  (Ball game played via brainwaves)
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Char Davies.  Osmose. (Breath helps control navigation of virtual world)
Colleen Wolstenholme. Pill Sculptures. (Sculptures that duplicate highly used meidcations)
Richard Stanford. Residing with Death. (Study of the biology and sociology of death)