Chapter 2 -Biology  Examples of Visuals

Stephen Wilson, Art Department, San Francisco State University

Eduardo Kac.   Genesis
(Text embeded  in e-coli bacteria DNA)

Heather Acroyd & Dan Harvey. Sunbathers.  (Photo printed on grass genetically engineered to not fade)
 Brandon Ballengee- Species Reclammation - (Breeding of extinct species of frog)

Gary Schneider - Genetic Self Portrait.  (Self portrait that includes chromosomes)
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Karl S. Mihail & Tran T. Kim-Trang. Creative Gene Harvest Archive. (Hair samples of creative people preserved for ultimate genetic harvesting)
Natile Jerijemko. One Tree
(100 genetically identical trees subjected to different environments)
Critical Art Ensemble. Cult of the New Eve, Generra interventions and public events.  (Public invited to drink beer brewed with yeast bioengineered to include human genetic material)
Montana State Univeristy Biofilm Research Group.  Bioglyphs. (Paintings with bioluminescent bacteria)

Bioglyph painting: Covert, Gerber et al.
Julian Boss Andreae - Protein Project (sculpture based on hemoglobin protein)
Lane Hall, Lisa Moline. Post Parasites. (Architechural installation in elevator shaft - blowups of tapeworms)
Amy Youngs.  Intraterresial Soundings.  (Interactive sculpture focused on worm sounds)
Garnet Hertz. Experiments in Galvanism.  (Frog with embedded web server)
Garnet Hertz - Experiments in Galvanism: Frog with Implanted Webserver
Ken Rinaldo - Augmented Fish Reality  (Robots driven by fish interacting with humans and each other)
Hubert Duprat. Caddis Worm.
(Caterpillars' cocoon formation manipulated with precious metal and jewels)
Marta de Menezes. Nature?  (Manipulation of butterfly embryonic process to shape the wing patterns)
Philip  Ross. Juggernaut.  (Sculptures focused on ecologically self contained plant environment)
Symbiotica.  Fish & Chips. (Drawing arm controlled by disembodied neurons)

Adam Belt. Yearning Bush.  (Solar panels power condensation system to keep plant alive)
Kim Abeles.  Smog Collector Plates.  (Plates whose surface is partially etched by several weeks of exposure to smog)

Georg Dietzler.  Self Regernerating Laboratory.  Installation reclaming earth polluted with PCB with help of  Oyster Mushrooms