Cancer is temporarily under control but everyone knows its there.  In the kid's game Where's Waldo?, you search the image. There are 2 cancer cell characters - Can you find them?

The doctors use CAT Scan (CT) machines to check for cancer.  I have them every 2 months.  The last 2 have shown no signs of new cancer activity.  This is as good as it gets for my kind of cancer.  They conclude that the chemo and whatever I am doing has controlled cancer ..... for now.   

I am on maintenance chemo (less drugs, less frequently).  The docs say we will ride that pony for as long as it goes and then there are a few other ponies to try.  My lower spine was damaged so there is some pain and difficulty walking.  I get more fatigued than I used to.  But other than these I am almost normal (as close as I every got to normal anyway....)

My UCSF oncologist made the enigmatic comment that he wouldn't  have predicted this - given the way my cancer looked at the start.

hour glass
I feel blessed, but cures are not known with this stage 4 lung cancer so they expect it to come back at sometime.  Eventually it mutates to develop resistance to the treatments.  No one can predict how long.

So where is it?

Is Cancer in training for the next round?

Did Cancer take a short vacation?

Is Cancer temporaily scared off by the alternative health actions?

Meditation, visualization, good diet (fruits & vegetables of color, green tea, turmeric, mushrooms, omega3, avoidance of refined foods, etc)

Maybe Cancer is temporaily unnerved by all the good wishes and prayers coming from friends.  Thanks

Is Cancer so busy harassing other unfortunate souls?

Art+Science Now in UK bookstore window
Life goes on.  While Cancer is quiet, I am going to try to pursue activities like I used to - with uncertainty, fear, humility, and some foolhardiness.

My new book Art+Science Now is finally out.  I've given a few interviews and hopefully it will reach new audiences. The UK science magazine New Scientist is doing a special section on Art/Science collaboration and invited me to do a short essay.  There is a book launch celebration scheduled for London in July.  Hopefully there will also be one in San Francisco in September. I am  giving a guest lecture at the Arizona State University AME (Arts, Media and Engineering) program in April.  There may be a lecture at Washington University in St. Louis in fall.

Cruise to the midnight sun.  My wife Cathy's 60th birthday is in July.  She always wanted to sail to Norway's fjords around the summer solstice - when the sun almost never sets.

Those of you who know me - a cruise is not my cup of tea - neither the lifestyle of it nor the expence.  But a 60th birthday should be honored.

My daughter Sophia has been deep in college application process. All the results are in. Now she has the dilemma of making the decision.

Teaching - I can't stay away from it.  I love those moments where the light of understanding goes on in student eyes.  I am awed by the art ideas students come up with.  I feel honored to be part of the process.  I plan to go back part time in the Fall.

Screen shot from my energy harvesting web page being created as part of the project
Art - I am beginning to work again on the next project.  I think it will focus on technologies called energy harvesting.  These technologies extract power from the normal processes of life - activities such as walking and dancing, human biological processes such as heartbeats and body temperature, biology of the surroundings such as the flow of sap in the trees.  It is a powerful and poetic metaphor for the transformations related to sustainability that we must explore.  I have written a couple of grant applications but I am dubious since I have not had much luck lately with grants.

social security

Each month a friend will be chosen as 'Designator of the Month'.   They get to join the fun by picking an agency to get the money.
Steve Wilson/Social Security
  Pick a Senior Agency - Grant Award Program

I recently turned 66 and qualified for social security. I debated leaving the money with the treasury but I could not be sure it would be used for good purposes.  The television news stories about poor old people who have to chose between groceries and medicine are heart rending.  It shouldn't be.  I decided to allocate part of each month's social security payment to agencies that help old people. Ironically,  I am still working and putting a chunk of change into social security each month. It would be great to see it do some good.

Those of you who are old enough may remember the TV program called the Millionaire.  Each week a rich recluse would pick someone to receive a $1,000,000 check and then we would get to watch the impact of that money on the recipient and the others their lives touched.  Think of this as a slightly demented, down-scale version of that.

hear the clock -mp3 (321k)
Maybe Cancer is just lurking in the city - waiting for the right moment?

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