Designing the Web of the Future

Stephen Wilson, Professor, Conceptual Design & Information Arts   

Art Department, San Francisco State Universtiy, 1600 Holloway, SF, CA 94132, USA
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Web design is not merely a matter of visual and media design. Designing web sites that are engaging, effective, and innovative requires an "expanded design" approach that reaches beyond the traditional notions of design  Several forces require this broader perspective including:  the revolutionay nature of tecnology developments, the international nature of the Web, the changing nature of who is doing design and who is the audience, and new insights about the relatiionship of art, design, and media culture.  Those who want to continue to be innovators in shaping the future web must focus on several different elements:  1. Media Appeal and Effectiveness; 2.Interactivity and Iinformation Design; 3.The Cultural Context of the information they want to offer and 4. Research and Emerging Technologies.