Image from Acquired Systems Whale Watcher AI based Whale Identification
Image from Acquired Systems Whale Watcher AI based Whale Identification system

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is the area of research devoted to exploring the limits of computers' abilities to simulate complex human intelligence. Research to enable computers to understand images.

Links to AI Research

What is Artificial Intelligence? (John McCarthy)
Yahoo AI index
Teaching resources for AI
WWW Virtual Library - AI
Avatar Research (Visual Representations of Intelligent Digital Entities)
Emotions Conference
ELIZA (online program simulating therapist)
Alva Noe - philosophy of mind resources
Online Machine Learning Resources (Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence)
AI on the Web (links from  Russell & Norvig text on AI)

Vision and Image Processing / Face Recogniton

Computer Vision Home page
Computer Vision Bibliography
Image Processing Web sites around the World
Video Understanding Research Links  (Carniegie Mellon)
Video Surveilance and Monitoring (VSAM) home page
Automatic Analysis of Video Imagery/  Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) - Virage, Excalliber, MediaSite, VideoLogger, U of Mannheim Movie Content Analysis (MoCA); Production Magic- ShotLogger; Georgia Tech Digital Arts and Entertaintment Laboratory; MIT Interactive Cinema;
Pattern Recognition Home Page
face recognition home page
automatic face recognition conference

Emotional Computing

MIT Affective Computing Group (Rosalind Picard, author Affective Computing) Bibliography of Readings in Affective Computing
EMotivate Company (Mark E.P. Plutowski.  Working on emotion based agents - includes online book, and excellent WebLinks including tutorials on emotion, agents, game design, visual datamining, and research groups)
Cognition and Affect Project (University of Birmingham)
Emotion Home Page  ( Jean-Marc Fellous, Eva Hudlicka, Salk Institute, General Sources on Emotion Research including materials on computational and cognitive science)
Hal's Legacy (David Stork, editor, e-book by MIT Press analyzing the research challenges to realize 2001 like computational capabilities)
University of Geneva Emotional Computing Research
Agents 99 Workshop on emotion based agents
N Katherine Hayles interview related to emotional computing

Face Recognition

Face Recognition Home Page
UCSC facial analysis page
Face Tracking**
Carnegie Mellon, Tokyo University Name-it**

Artist Investigations

List of Papers
Stephen Wilson - Links to Artistic Experimentation with Artificial Intelligence

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