Using Computers to Create Art

by Stephen Wilson

Using Computers to Create Art is a unique kind of book that combines hands-on instruction with technical explanations and aesthetics.

Theoretical chapters review the history and future prospects of artisitc involvement with computers and detail principles of electronic hardware and computer software programming. Hands-on chapters, applicable to a wide range of microcomputters, teach BASIC at a level sufficient for you to accomplish desired effects and explain how to work with computers to create sound or image art. The book explains the electronics of computers in a style uniquely suited to humanistically oriented readers.

Sections in the book include

Publisher: Prentice Hall, 1986 ISBN: 0-13-4938341-7

The book was written by Stephen Wilson, professor of Conceptual Design/Information Arts at San Francisco State University. Wilson is also an internationaly shown computer artist and author of Multimedia Design with HyperCard (Prentice Hall, 1991) and World Wide Web Design Guide (Hayden, 1995)

Note: Although the chapters on BASIC are out of date, the chapters on aesthetics and principles of computer functioning are still highly relevant.