Multimedia Design with HyperCard

by Stephen Wilson

Multimedia Design with HyperCard is a new kind of book focusing specifically on HyperCard's interactive multimedia potential. Stressing the pserspectives of art and deisgn, it teaches readers to program interactive image, text, and sound events. It uses a highly illustrated, step-by-step approach to help readers with all kinds of skill levels to become competent at scripting HyperCard at its most advanced level.

In addition to covering HyperCard fundamentals, Multimedia Design with HyperCard examines innovative topics such as the mathematics of graphics; time and date dependent events; use of external devices such as scanners, device controllers, and telecommunications; contemporary hypermedia experimentation by multimedia artists; and future possibilities of integrating new technologies such as groupware, virtual realities, robotics, and artificial intelligence into multimedia work.

Publisher: Prentice Hall, 1991 ISBN: 0-13-488891-X

Publisher information

The book was written by Stephen Wilson, professor of Conceptual Design/Information Arts at San Francisco State University. Wilson is also an internationaly shown computer artist and author of Using Computers to Create Art (Prentice Hall, 1986) and World Wide Web Design Guide (Hayden, 1995)