Views from the Pay Phones
IS ANYONE THERE? Installation by Stephen Wilson, 1993

Is Anyone There? is an art installation in which a computer called pay phones in five locations in San Francisco every hour on the hour for a week. The installation explored how far users would go in conversations with digital characters and how the pay phone system could be used in unintended ways. Installations at SIGCHI, SIGGRAPH, and Ars Electronica made this database of recorded converstations available to users while showing digital video of what they could see while standing at each of the phones or walking up and down the streets nearby.

As you roll over the locations of the payphones on the map, images will appear of what you could see if you were looking out from the payphone.

Move mouse over active areas to see images from phone

A quick timeVR movie of what one could see if standing at the pay phone in the Haight Ashbury is available. Movie of view from Haight Ashbury phone(180K) .  More information is also aviailable about the IS ANYONE THERE? installation.

More information about other art works is available in pages describing Steve Wilson installations.