Excursions in Emotional Hyperspace

CADRE Festival, San Jose, California, 1989   by Stephen Wilson

Excursions in Emotional Hyperspace was an installation created for the art show presented as part of the CADRE, National Computer Graphics Association meetings at San Jose State University in 1989. 

Visitors were able to interact with 4 computer simulated personalities (physcially manifested in manequins) each of which had a unique perspective on a common fictional life situation. One mannequin was angry, another sad, another hopeful and the last resigned about the same set of events. 

Each manniquin used computer speech and music to reflect about its perspective and to comment on the perspectives offered by the others. Each talked about its view and punctuated its speech with a unique musical "voice" created by a MIDI synthesizer. 

Visitors could cause each mannequin to talk by walking up to it. The stories got deeper if the visitor stayed near. Walking away stopped the story. Walking to another mannequin would cause the new one to comment on the last thing said by the previous mannequin. It would then pick up its own story. The mannequins seemed to be listening to each other and tracking the conversation. They seemed intent to introject their own perspective on what had just been said. 

The four all together constituted a computer mediated, emotional space that the viewer could navigate by movement among the four mannequins. The event explored: 1. The mapping of emotional and narrative space to physical space.  2. The possibilities of interaction with artifical characters. 

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I need to tell you my story 

None of them understand


They all have it wrong 

Let me set you straight 

Perhaps I can help you to see 

We all suffered 


Somebody messed up

I can't remember much of it

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