Demon Seed 

Siggraph 1987 Art Show, Anaheim, California. 

by Stephen Wilson 

Robot with Spanish rosary and veil 
designed to ward off Demons 

. · Four computer controlled robots "danced" in front of digitized images of demons from various world cultures. 

· The computer choreographed the movements of the robot dance troupe. The choreography created synchronized motions that were simultaneously graceful and frightening. 

· Each robot was costumed with objects appropriate to the culture of the images it danced in front of. 

· The robots periodically could be controlled by audience members via two velvet covered squeeze rods. At other times the robots paid no attention to the audience. 

· At some times the squeezer would be invited to speak into a microphone. The robot they were controlling would then move and speak with computer transformed versions of their voice. 

· The installation probed the human tendency to project our fears and demons into objects we don't understand and can't control.

· It also explored touch and body motion as new visceral channels with which we will be able to communicate with computers

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