Comfort Women: A Web Reference

Links to items about the women who were held in sexual slavery
by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II.

Jerry D. Boucher and Chunghee Sarah Soh

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Checked Links

Last updated June 13, 2002 1

  1. Chunghee Sarah Soh's page on comfort women.

  2. C. Sarah Soh: "Japan's Responsibility Toward Comfort Women Survivors."

  3. C. Sarah Soh: "Human Dignity and Sexual Culture: A Reflection on the 'Comfort Women' Issues."

  4. C. Sarah Soh: "Human Rights and Humanity: The Case of the 'Comfort Women'"

  5. The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Sexual Slavery by Japan. This is the primary source for the most up to date information on the Comfort Women issue.

  6. The Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues (WCCW).

  7. TRANSCRIPT Jan Ruff O'Herne speaks about her time as a comfort woman for the Japanese. 2

  8. Transcript of interview with Jan Ruff O'Herne from the 7.30 Report with Kerry O'Brien. 3

  9. Peace Prize given to Jan Ruff O'Herne. Newspaper report. 4

  10. Justice for Unsung Heroes. 5

  11. News item: Re Chinese comfort women. China News Digest, August 4, 1995.

  12. Cheung Chiu-yee, An Annotated Bibliography of Japanese War Crimes & Atrocities in China, 1931-1945.

  13. Niarchos, Catherine N. Women, War and Rape: Challenges facing the International Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. Human Rights Quarterly. 17-4, November, 1995.

  14. Lisa Go Unbroken History of Japan's Sex Slaves. ASA-News, April, 1994.

  15. Chanyaporn Chanjaraen Dealing with the trauma of Rape: A viscious circle of pain and guilt. Bankok Post, June 15, 1994.

  16. Judith Mirkinson The Global Trafficking of Women. Breakthrough, Spring 1994.

  17. WWII Comfort Women in Burma Extract from Burma: The Longest War, J.M. Denton & Sone, 1984.

  18. Sun Myong Kim A page on the Tokdo issue, with several paragraphs on Comfort Women.

  19. Korean Studies. U.C. Berkeley, including a synopsis of Korean History and a link to a bibliography on Comfort Women by Michael Kim, Harvard University.

  20. Fukuoka, Yasunori "Koreans in Japan: Past and Present." Saitama University Review, Vol.31, No.1.

  21. John Correll December 28, 1994, letter to Col. Tom Alison, USAF, Ret. Co-Curator, The Last Act Exhibition National Air and Space Museum Smithsonian Institution Washington DC. Discusses Japanese atrocities, Nanjing, and comfort women to contrast with Japanese suffering at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  22. Women's Fund Page - An Appeal for Donations for the Asian Women's Fund by the Proponents"(July 18, 1995) "Statment by Prime Minister Tomiichi MURAYAMA"(July 1995) AN APPEAL...

  23. korea-ju - Japanese War Crimes: US Vitims. There have been a number of postings on specific war crime issues: (1) 200,000 plus Korean, Chinese and other Asian girls..

  24. korea-jw - Korean and Chinese Sex Slaves. During 1932 - 1945, the Japanese Imperial Army forced over 200,000 women to serve as sex slaves to its officers and...

  25. Japanese Army Sex Slaves - Japanese Army Sex Slaves. An article from Tokyo Kaleidoscope -- June 7, 1996. "I don't believe that you didn't receive any money." Abusive language of an..

  26. KoreaLink NEWS Page. - Female Lawmakers Urge Japan to Compensate for Comfort Women. 96-06-20 18:32:34. Nine female lawmakers of the ruling and opposition parties yesterday...

  27. Document 6: [Statement with the signatures of 137 well-known academics and public figures, handed over to Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama...

  28. "CHINA: NO ONE IS SAFE" - STATEMENT BY PIERRE SAN Eacute;, SECRETARY GENERA - The material that follows has been provided by Amnesty International. CHINA: NO ONE IS SAFE" - STATEMENT BY PIERRE SAN Eacute;, SECRETARY GENERAL,...

  29. FOCUS GROUPS - FOCUS GROUPS. INDICENOUS PEOPLES TO IMMIGRANT PEOPLES i.e. Aboriginal to European/Australian. RESIDUAL ANTAGONISMS i.e. Black/White U.S.A. (Legacy of...

  30. Peace Forever - We are waiting for your opinions from all over the world. Hello! This is Kurume International Exchange Association....

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  32. Atomic Holocaust, Memory and the War in Japan and the United States [Japanese] [dj50 home page] Name :@mark selden Nationality : the U.S.A. Occupation : Atomic Holocaust, Memory and the War in Japan and the...

  33. Flashpoint Magazine. - human rights magazine

  34. Karen Parker Home Page. Humanitarian Law

Unchecked Links

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Links which once worked, but which failed on June 13, 2002

  1. Mayumi Yamamoto Abstract of paper on Comfort Women, 1996 Association for Asian Studies, Session on World War II and its aftermath in Japan.
  2. News item: Radhika Coomaraswamy, a special U.N.Envoy calls for punishment of Japanese. The Joong-Ang Ilbo, February 9, 1996.

  3. News item: Re Comfort Women. Reuters, November 23,1994.

  4. News item: Comfort women launch protest at Japanese embassy. Reuters, November 30, 1994.

  5. News item: Re 10 trillion yen fund for compensation unused by Japanese Government. AOL News, April 4, 1996
  6. Wang Ching-feng Candidate for Vice President of R.O.C. Executive of the World War II Taiwanese Comfort Women Survey.

  7. Patricia Ebrey Syllabus of course WOMEN IN EAST ASIA including sections on Korean women, and comfort women.

  8. Edith Graber: An outline for a Sociology course on Women in Contemporary Society. Has texts of some women-related issues, including Sheila Kennedy's 9/21/95 Comfort Women Speak Out on the NGO Forum on Women 95.

  9. Mochida Takeshi World War II Retrospective, with comments regarding human rights violations.

  10. Charles Martin home page. Information and links to Korea.

  11. Review Hicks The Korean Comfort Women: Before They Fade Into History.

  12. News Group: Japan Democratic Wall. Scan down this long series of exchanges to the section on Comfort Women and on the Tokdo issue to see what ignorance, misinformation and bigotry can produce.

  13. Hicks, George. The Comfort Women: Japan's Brutal Regime of Enforced Prostitution in the Second World War. New York: W. W. Norton. This is the publisher's information and blurb.

  14. Nanjing Massacre. Virtual Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre (1937-1938). Nanjing was an important precursor to the Japanese policy on comfort women.

  15. Su Hyeon Kim. Profile of a student at Brandeis university who is working on Comfort Women issue.

  16. Sun Tzu Organization Viking Phoenix web page on Japan's war crimes and links to comfort women documents.

  17. Amy Lopez Filipina Military Sex Slaves. DLSU Fine Print, vol. II 1995. Department of Communication, De La Salle University.

  18. Michael Kim Page on comfort women and related issues.


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