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"Functional Analysis: An Introductory Course", by Sergei Ovchinnikov, Springer, 2018.

This concise text provides a gentle introduction to functional analysis. Chapters cover essential topics such as special spaces, normed spaces, linear functionals, and Hilbert spaces. Numerous examples and counterexamples aid in the understanding of key concepts, while exercises at the end of each chapter provide ample opportunities for practice with the material. Proofs of theorems such as the Uniform Boundedness Theorem, the Open Mapping Theorem, and the Closed Graph Theorem are worked through step-by-step, providing an accessible avenue to understanding these important results. The prerequisites for this book are linear algebra and elementary real analysis, with two introductory chapters providing an overview of material necessary for the subsequent text.

Functional Analysis offers an elementary approach ideal for the upper-undergraduate or beginning graduate student. Primarily intended for a one-semester introductory course, this text is also a perfect resource for independent study or as the basis for a reading course.

"Number Systems: An Introduction to Algebra and Analysis", by Sergei Ovchinnikov, AMS Publications, 2015.

This book offers a rigorous and coherent introduction to the five basic number systems of mathematics, namely natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers, and complex numbers. It is a subject that many mathematicians believe should be learned by any student of mathematics including future teachers. The book starts with the development of Peano arithmetic in the first chapter which includes mathematical induction and elements of recursion theory. It proceeds to an examination of integers that also covers rings and ordered integral domains. The presentation of rational numbers includes material on ordered fields and convergence of sequences in these fields. Cauchy and Dedekind completeness properties of the field of real numbers are established, together with some properties of real continuous functions. An elementary proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra is the highest point of the chapter on complex numbers.

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"Graphs and Cubes", by Sergei Ovchinnikov, Springer, 2011.

Currently, Graphs and Cubes is the only book available on the market that presents a comprehensive coverage of cubical graph and partial cube theories. Many exercises, along with historical notes, are included at the end of every chapter, and readers are encouraged to explore the exercises fully, and use them as a basis for research projects.

"Media Theory", by D.Eppstein, J.-Cl.Falmagne and S.Ovchinnikov, Springer, 2008. Sample chapter.

The focus of this book is a mathematical structure modeling a physical or biological system that can be in any of a number of 'states'. Each state is characterized by a set of binary features, and differs from some other neighbor state or states by just one of those feature. The evolution of such a system over time is considered. Such a structure is analyzed from algebraic and probabilistic (stochastic) standpoints.

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