Our Goals

Our objective, as a student organization, is to promote an awareness of dietetics, health care, food and nutrition related issues, and to prepare members for their post graduate endeavors. Our association serves as a knowledge base offering guidance and support for students’ concerns and questions.

In doing this we strive to:
  • Provide networking opportunities with Dietitians and other health care professionalsrelevant to the field.
  • Share information through guest speakers, meetings, web page, and career fairs to inform and enhance members on the various aspects of dietetics.
  • Provide guidance for students who have questions about classes, curriculum, and/or internship information.
  • Inform members of volunteer opportunities which will help students to gain more knowledge and insight into future career endeavors. Also provides added networking in the field of nutrition.
  • Supply members with the most current information pertaining to the field.
  • Provide opportunity and knowledge through the Bay Area Dietetic Association (BADA) to become better acquainted with the American Dietetic Association.

  • To Join:
  • Download a copy of the application from the home page on this website, and return it to the SDA Box inside the CFS/Dietetics office (BH 329) Or, just come to one of the meetings!

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Student Dietetic Association of San Francisco State University