Merrelyn Emery

Ronald E. Purser

Jossey-Bass Publishing, 1996

Praise for The Search Conference:

"As Emery and Purser ably demonstrate, the Search Conference provides a powerful tool for making organizations flexible and responsive. Equally relevant for transnational corporations and community nonprofits, this book is a must read."

-- Leo Burke, director, Center for Management & Organizational Learning, Motorola University

"Emery and Purser's book provides a theoretical and practical knowledge base previously available only through direct contact with a few gurus. If you're ready to move to the next level of sophistication, then you must dig into the Search Conference, and this book is the best place to start digging."

--D. Douglas McKenna, general manager, Executive and Management Development, Microsoft Corporation

"This is the authoritative text on Search Conferences. This book is an invaluable aid to all who need to convene large groups, build coalitions, and hold conferences for planning community and organizational futures."

--Willis Harman, executive director, World Business Academy

"For those who are really serious about understanding Search Conferences, this is the only book to read. Merrelyn Emery, the world's leading authority in this area, together with Ron Purser has produced a substantial and much-needed overview of the Search Conference theory and practice."

--William A. Pasmore, professor of organizational behavior, Case Western Reserve University, and author of Creating Strategic Change

"The authors present a superb balance of theory, concrete examples, and procedural guidelines for planning, designing, and managing Search Conferences. I recommend this book to anyone interested in fostering the principles of participative democracy in their strategic planning efforts."

--Bob Paine, organization development specialist, United Airlines

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