Philosophy 510 "Zen Buddhism" Dr Ron Epstein



I. General Introductions to Buddhism

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Basic Buddhism from A to Z, R. Epstein, comp. and ed. (draft copies on reserve in Reserve Book Room).

See also articles under "Buddhism", etc. in the latest edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica and in Encyclopedia of Religion, Eliade, ed.

II. Scriptures Important to the Ch'an School.


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III. Works by Chinese Masters.

First Patriarch Bodhidharma

Red Pine, tr. The Secret Teachings of Bodhidharma.

Third Patriarch Seng Ts'an (d. 606)

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Fourth Patriarch Ch'an Master Tao Hsin (580-651)

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Ch'an Master Yung Chia (665-713)

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Sixth Patriarch Ch'an Master Hui Neng (638-713)

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Han Shan (trad. 627-650)

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Ch'an Master Pai-chang Huai-hai (720-814)

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P'ang Yun (740-808)

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Ch'an Master Chao-Chou (778-897)

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Ch'an Master Tung-shan Liang-chieh (807-869)

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Ch'an Master Huang-po Hsi-yun (d. 850)

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Ch'an Master Lin-chi I-hsuan (d. 867)

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Ch'an Master Hsueh-tou (980-1052)

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Ch'an Master Ta Hui Tsung-kao (1088-1166)

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Ch'an Master Han-shan Te-ch'ing (1546-1623)

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Ch'an Master Hsu-yun Te-ch'ing (1840-1959)

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V. Works by Korean Masters

Son Master Chinul (1158-1210). A Korean Approach to Zen. A. Buswell, Robert, tr. Honolulu, Univ. of Hawaii Press, 1983.

Keel, Hee-Sung. Chinul, the Founder of the Korean Son Tradition. Berkeley, 1984.

VI. Works by Japanese Masters

Zen master Dogen (1200-1253)

Cleary, Thomas, tr. Record of Things Heard: From the Treasury of the Eye of the True Teaching. Boulder: Prajna Press, 1980.

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Zen Master Bankei (1622-1693)

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Zen Master Hakuin (1686-1769)

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VII. History of Ch'an and Zen

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VIII. Monastic Life.

Hua (Tripitaka Master). A General Explanation of the Sramanera Vinaya and Rules of Deportment. San Francisco: Buddhist Text Translation Society, 1975.

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Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1967.

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IX. Bibliographical Works

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X. Collections of Scholarly Articles

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XI. Online Bibliographies

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