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      Accommodating Differences and Disabilities. An Introductory Packet by the UCLA Center for Mental Health in Schools.       

      Addressing Barriers to Learning: Closing the Gap in Policy and Practice. A Summit Report by the UCLA   Center for Mental Health in Schools

      Building The Legacy of IDEAD 2004. (Video Clips)

      Individuals With Disabilities Improvement Act of 2004.

      Least Intervention Needed: Towards Appropriate Inclusion of Students with Special Needs: An Introductory Packet by the UCLA Center for Mental Health in Schools.

      National Institute for Literacy. “Learning Disabilities Facts,

      National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

      Revisiting Learning Problems and Learning Disabilities. A Center Newsletter by the UCLA Center for Mental Health in Schools.

      Surfing For Closed Captioned Materials 

       Tool Kit on Teaching and Assessing Students With Disabilities

      Using Federal Education Legislation in Moving Towards a Comprehensive, Multifaceted, and Integrated Approach to Addressing Barriers to Learning. An information resource by the UCLA Center for Mental Health in Schools.

Sample Relevant Publications

Adelman, Howard and Taylor, Linda

2005    The Implementation Guide to Student learning Supports in the Classroom and School wide: New Directions for Addressing Barriers to Learning. Corwin Press.

Bender, William Neil

2008    Differentiating Instruction for Students With Learning Disabilities: Best Teaching Practices for General and Special Educators. Corwin Press.

 Bowe, Frank G.

2000     Universal Design in Education: Teaching Non-Traditional Students. Bergen and Garvey.

Council for Exceptional Children

            2005     Universal Design in Learning. Prentice Hall.

Dean, Stacey Pellechia

2007    Lesson Plan Book for the Diverse Classroom: Planning for Accessibility Through University Design For Learning.

Rose, David H. and Meyer, Anne.

2002    Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: University Design for Learning. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.



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