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GeoSciences & the Arts–Earth Art

Earth Art is a multimedia exploration of the complex, multifaceted interrelationships between natural and manmade structures. It seeks to develop, as a sensory experience, the evolution of our landscape, and reflects on sources of stimulation for so many of mankind's creations. Earth Art's theme is positive and uplifting, reflecting a hopeful note for our relationship with the natural environment as both a dwelling place, and as a model for artistic and engineering works.

The program has been shown all across the United State to a broad spectrum of audiences. It was developed, initially, as a teaching tool for introductory geology courses, but its appeal transcends the classroom, and its wide acceptance is an indication of the profound interest held by so many in the environment. Like the world it reflects, Earth Art is constantly changing, as new relationships become apparent, and so many of you, who may have seen it at San Francisco State, or elsewhere, will be surprised at its new form.

Music of the Earth

Earth Symphonies
Landscapes & Landscores
Walking on Earth

Patterns in Nature

The Multisensory Nature of Geology

Tafoni Studies

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