2012 Vergilian Society Summer Programs

2012-13 Vergilian Society Summer Programs
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Consult www.vergil.clarku.edu for itineraries

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Vergilian Society trips include a great deal of walking, much of it over uneven ground and occasionally in spots offering little shade. Do not sign-up if you have a condition that would make participation difficult or which would be aggravated by walking or heat.

I have a condition which would limit my ability to participate in the program.

I have a medical plan which will cover me while traveling (if needed). yes

Prices for the programs are based on double occupancy. All Vergilian Society accommodations are non-smoking. Hotel rooms are double occupancy usually with bath.

I would prefer a single accommodation (with surcharge) if available. A limited number of singles may be available at the Villa.

Program Fees (not including transatlantic airfare)

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