Table of Contents:

Centers C5: the Information Cartel
The Landscape Initiative examines the changing conception of the Landscape as we move from the aesthetics of representation to those of information visualization and interface.

Institute for Research / Creation in Media Arts and Technologies, Montreal, QC, Canada

Intel , Berkeley - General information

OBX Research Studio
Exploiting new ways of working with visual language in the digital environment

Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Example of current commerical/gov/research use visualization information system development - galaxies

About visualization at the Pacific Northwest labs

Polis Centre - GIS projects
Urban research centre with a practical and applied orientation at the IU School of Liberal Arts at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Projects involved interests in neighborhoods, community planning, economic development, education, religion, and culture. "We have created the most comprehensive set of historical, demographic, and other data currently available on Greater Indianapolis. Our goal is to develop knowledge that will serve the common good and invigorate the sense of community in this city and beyond."

Urban Atmospheres
Collection of urban based wifi and other locative media research projects and groups, including Intel, People and Practices, and others

Tele-Immersion - The Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois at Chicago

Research Groups

Dublin art and Technology Association

Mobile Bristol
Research team, affiliated with HP and the University of Bristol, Bristol, England, focusing on "situated digital experiences." Mobile Bristol has developed a toolkit for programming locative media project that is available for free downloads on their site. The team has developed and completed several locative media projects in collaboration with communities, schools and artists.

Projects Digitalcities

Essay - trans.act

Map/river - Information visualization software and research

Haque:design and research
Open source architecture experiment (includes GPS)

Locative - Gypster

Locative Network

Mapping Hacks

Millenium Project

Mobile Digital Commons Network


"The MDCN is a collaborative research project launched by Concordia University, Montreal and the Banff New Media Institute, Alberta. The Network is made up of six interrelated projects: GlobalHeartRate, DigitalCities, CitySpeak, SonicScene, PolicyReport and MobileCartographicCommandCentre (MC3). These projects bring together an interdisciplinary group of computer scientists, engineers, technology and communication scholars, artists and designers exploring wireless communication in the context of urban studies, prototype development, commercial applications, art installations, participatory public authoring and social research." (Quoted from site)


Digital Cities



PolicyReport - M3
MobileCartographic Research Centre,Vancouver, British Columbia participating in Mobile Digital Commons

Project Atlas
Space Geodesy Group, Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics

Community wireless Intel Research, Berkeley
SiteView: Tangibly Programming Sensor Environments

Wheelock College, Boston, Mass

Satellite Tracking Program tracking tagged whales
- "A project exploring the haphazard and unpredictable patterns of weather and crowd formation can act as an impetus to examine coincidence of need networks. In particular, when umbrellas are opened and closed in public space."

University of California, San Diego, Center for Research in Computing and the Arts