GPS Adventure Travel
GPS Maps for hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, on- and off road sightseeing. GPS Maps are map images, waypoint coordinates, route and/or track data that lead you through unique travel adventure.

Clock - Nixie Tube GPS Click by Navtech
Nice accessories

Federal Aviation Administration: Satellite Navigation
The FAA's current and planned projects using GPS.

GoCar Rentals: SF touring buggies
Take a tour of San Francisco in a two passenger, three wheel car with audio promted by GPS technology.

GPS-MP3 proposed design to be added into taxi cabs

GPS Photography

Quake: Crustal Deformation
With numerous faults in close proximity to a large urban population, the San Francisco Bay area area has one of the highest earthquake hazards in the world. GPS technology is one of many instruments deployed to study deformation in this area.

Next Bus
The company used for SF Muni Streetcar GPS tracking.


Remote login system creating dial-in location based messages networks within a city. In development.

Wearable Technology
GPS wearable garment for sound art

A Chicago based company that specializes in game development with the use of GPS.

TeleWindow (fictive)

TeleWindow (case study)
Research by Professor Carrie Heeter, Michegan State University
Virtual connection between home-bound elderly and a local Centre for the Elderly

Hole in Space - Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz

Early satellite projects from The Electronic Cafe (1970's) - Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz

Telecollaborative art projects by the Electronic Cafe