Table of Contents:

Activating Spaces Audiomobile - First Floor sound art and gps limo tour

Dencity - live elecro-acoustic music/sound/time/architecture/landscape/tour bus

Light Attack - Daniel Sauter
"... a media artwork, as well as a social experiment, which takes place the urban sphere of Los Angeles. While driving through the city, an animated virtual character is projected onto the cityscape of L.A. exploring three places "to go" and three places "not to go", according to the popular Lonely Planet travel guide."

Part of DORKBOTSOCAL5, Nov. 2004

Murmur - Audio collection project

Roaming novel - Stephen Schemat  

Sonic memorial walk - the kitchen sisters
"60 minute walk around Ground Zero, narrated by Paul Auster."  

Drift - new media,scotland
"an exploration of sound art and experimental music featuring radio broadcasts, moving image, publications, and live events. "

See akso: Resonant cities - "How we listen and how aware we are of the 'noise' around us" 22&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0

Sound art at sea - gps sea sound scape

Gaming Can you see me now? - blast theory game played simultaneously on line and on streets tracked by satellites - Remote login system creating mobile networks within city spaces

GPS based multiplayer game for mobile phones>


A humorous transposition of a digital arcade classic onto a real world playing field.

"a warwalking contest that currently happens in vienna. custom assembled so-called pioneer scanning units (PSUs) are handed out to people that walk the streets in search for wireless lans. when they return the device they receive a personal map of their walk. in the end all data will be composed in a collaborative wireless network map of vienna. " (Quote from site)

Track the Trackers - Annina Ruest
"... a network installation consisting with mobile components. The project makes use of existing personal technologies in conjunction with GPS infrastructure to provide participants with an audible (not a visual) experience of the proliferation of video surveillance in the urban public sphere."

Part of DORKBOTSOCAL5, Nov. 2004

Where's George
This is a money tracking site personally discovered by a dollar bill that had the URL written on it. The premise of it is that people log in the serial number of the currency and as other people do the same, you can track its whereabouts. This is just a smaller entertainment version of the U.S. Treasury database.

GPS and Locative Media Projects ASAP - Another Spatial Annotation Project - Julian Bleeker/Techkwondo
GPS enabled mapping application using a Pocket PC

See also other GPS/wireless projects

Annotate Space

ARTICLE: Feb.2003 Discover magazine

Amsterdam RealTime - WAAG Society

Audiomobile - Sonic mapped city experienced from within the luxery of a GPS abd surround-sound equiped limo. Operated by the Artist Run Limosine Collective

Life Theatre - Lee Walton
Mixing actors and everyday people on the streets of new York. Part of Psy-Geo Conflux, sponsored by Glowlab.

Other urban events

GPS art related blog

Decentralised mapping projects - HeadMap

Degrees of Confluence - Project aiming to document each of the latitude/longitude intersections in the worldat this point, with 12,5999 to go.

Drift - Terry Rueb

Other GPS and mapping projects

Field-Works - Masaki Fujuhata

GPS - Art - GPS - TransNet - Cellphone projects

GPS Del Amigo Project
Collecting "...GPS tracks of humans and domestic animals, i. e. pets.... "

GPS Drawing - Jeremy Wood and Hugh Pryor

Interurban -
GPS walk through history and narrative of industrial area in Manchester, England.  Part of Futuresonic <04>Festival

Locative Media Lab - Gypster

Mathon Mapping - Glen Redpath

Melodious Walkabout - Richard Etter
"... a PDA-based auditory navigation system. It provides a mobile user with awareness where the destination is located by contextualizing audio contents the user is listening to. The mobile user wears headphones and hears audio contents that reach him from a certain direction. The direction of the virtual sound source unobtrusively tells him in which direction to go. An important feature of Melodious Walkabout is, that it can be used with any audio content. This gives the user the opportunity to listen to audio contents he likes to, while at the same time being aware of the direction and distance of the destination."
...and other audio/location wearables

Remote Location 1:100,000 - Paula Poole and Brett Stalbaum
A multi-medium installation composed of painting, data sets of topographical information exploring "landscape and landscape as data."

Explores issues of how information replicates reality and raises questions about which has pre-eminence.

Shadows from another place: San Francisco <->Baghdad - Paula Levine
Transpositional space -  overlaying the first U.S. assault on Baghdad on San Francisco

Sound Mapping ≠ Reverberant
Sound mapped to architecture and people's movements

34 North, 118 West - A GPS-controlled interactive narrative
Los Angeles, California, USA

Socialight - Remote login system creating mobile networks within city spaces

Telepresence - Steve Wilson

You are Here

010010111010101101 - VOPOS


Exhibitions, Festivals EyeBeam - We love NY
Mapping the Big Apple.

Futuresonic '04 Festival
Component of wireless works

Mobile Phone Photo Show

A recent SFAI show about landscape and the arts.


Emerging Technology Conference - Sponsored by O'Reilley

Hybrid Realities - International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia

IMMERSIVE CITY - Be Now Here (Michael Naimark)
An installation about landscape and public places. Visitors gain a strong sense of place by wearing 3-D glasses and stepping into an immersive virtual environment.≤

Information, Visualization and Phenomena Conversation Map- Warren Sacks
Browser designed to access, organize and visualize very large scale conversations

Emotive actors - Ken Perls
Agency and empathy - NYU Media Research Lab - Graphics, Intelligence and artificial characters

Keeping time; Katherine Moriwaki
Connection between landing aircrafts in airport and weather conditions made visible through small LED screens

Mixing Clouds - Stephan Barron
Averaging skies in various cities, combining the image and creating a live broadcast.

Ozone - Stphan Barron

Other "Teleromantic works" by Stphan Barron

Right as Rain
Using weather to create a sonnet.

Syzygy\Polaria, London Fieldworks - Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson

Sky Ear
The sky ear is a 'cloud' of several hundred helium balloons embedded with mobile phones and sensors to emit coloured lights when it passes through varying radio and microwaves spaces.

Slipstreamkonza - Christina McPhee and Henry Warwick
Multi-media installation/research project that works with scientific data generated by a machine that records the carbon absorption of the area in realtion to atmospheric and environmental changes.

Swarms - Christian Jacob
Information-visualization-simulation research focusing on identifying and mapping the location interaction rules for groups of insects and birds that move in swarms. Taken from observations and data on flock behaviour, the work makes interesting bridges between behaviour of insects, birds and humans.

Mapping/Psychogeography, New & Collaborative Cartography C-a-l-i-f-o-r-n-i-a - John Baldessari
John Baldessari made his own mark on the land in his California Project, Part 1: California, 1969. In this project he attempted to impose language on nature by executing each letter of the word ≥California≤ as it appears on a National Geographic map in its exact location in the landscape."
Topographies, a SFAI exhibition about landscape and the arts.

Conspiracy Art - Mark Lombardi
Drawings/mappings of various events and subjects

Shows weather occuring anywhere in the world at any given time+chat with other users

Humane Border - Mapped water stations in the desert for people crossing the borders from Mexico into the US

Is Someone Coming to Get Me? - Ben Coode-Adams
A reenactment of the disaster on Mt. Everest, in 1956, with actors and a 3-d sculptural map, based upon trip information data

mappa di tourino - Karen O'Rourke and class
"A Map Larger Than the Territory" is a Web application that enables people to represent their paths across the city.
Territory here is not a piece of land enclosed within borders but an interlocking network of lines or ways through. The map materialises and connects individual trajectories in Paris, Berlin and So Paulo (for the moment). Next time you go out in the street or in the subway or wherever, take a few moments to look around you and tell us what you see, hear, smell, taste...

Non-geographic mapping - Jonathan Harris

One Block Radius - "Christina Ray and Dave Mandl [known collaboratively as Glowlab], is an extensive psychogeographic survey of the block where New York's New Museum of Contemporary Art will build a new facility in late 2004. "

Portraits for the Twenty - First Century - Morgan O'Hara
A conceptually-based portraiture process based on the geographic displacement patterns of 154 individuals.

Mental mapping helps associate geographical locations and environments that elicit emotional responses, triggers memories, or behaviors and records them on a map. This can bring to mind how a certain song recalls a memory, returning to a special childhood place fills someone with nostalgia, or coming across a place that one has dj> vu. This idea of mental mapping and recording it with GPS coordinates can turn recall into an exact record of ones steps through the world.

S.A.L..T Project - M.Simon Levin Laurie Long
M. Simon Levin has been creating site-based systems that explore relational aesthetics using a variety of designed forms, tools and technologies for the past 15 years. These projects investigate the often-blurred boundaries between the private and the public resulting in poetic interventions into space and place

Walking in Place
These projects investigate the often-blurred boundaries between the private and the public resulting in poetic interventions into space and place.

Wardriving - News on and mapping of open networks and access points.  


San Francisco Wireless (and links to Bay area wireless)

San Francisco Wireless Cafes
Mapping the accessible wireless networks in the city.

San Francisco Wireless Maps
Mapping the accessible wireless networks in the city.

Other Collections of Mobile Art Links Mobile Art Links - Dr. Reinhold Grether
Amazing collection of links for locative/mobile/cellphone/wearable and wireless.

Urban Actions & Projects Generative Psychogeography Project

Strategies, links, texts, projects all relating to opening the city, layer by layer.




Project PlaceSite
Using Wifi to create cafe digital communities.  Testing May, 2005, Berkeley,CA


Psychgeographical Markup Language (PML)
"...a set of keywords lifted from various sources that can be used to capture meaningful psychogeographical [meta]data about urban space. PML is a unified system of psychogeonamic classification that lurks behind the psychogeogram: the diagrammatic representation of psychogeographically experienced space." Part of the Generative Psychogeography Project.

Recoil - Katherine Moriwaki
Use of magnets within clothing to create datafree zones within the city.

Shaping San Francisco

Social Science Sustainability provocation Events - Sarah Lewison
A project exploring transitory or ad-hoc networks and their potential for causing sudden, striking, and unexpected connections between people in public and urban space. The project focuses on the theme of "coincidence of need", or how shared, yet disconnected activities can be harnessed into collective experiences.