art & gps: a current survey
a very broad collection of links developed by art511-art & gps class, san francisco state university, conceptual/information arts,
fall, 2004. 

key words/topics: 
history of mapping/gis/gps/user groups/software/tutorials/readings (journals, articles, books) gaming/urban actions and projects/sound, sensor and locative media/activating spaces/ new cartography/locative  geography/psychogeography


activating spaces/gaming/gps&locative media projects/exhibitions/festivals/conferences/immersive city/information visualization & phenomena/mapping/psychogeography/new & collaborative cartography/mapping the wireless city/urban actions & projects
global positioning systems/satellites/wireless
articles & esssay relating to GPS and related locative media, space and narrative
cartographic links/geographical information systems (gis)/global positioning system (gps)/mapping sources for on-line mapping, making your owns maps and other sources for map imagry/software, GPS units and other locative tools/tutorials/user groups


participants: jordana autrey/andrew beyer/
gary kong/ellen johansing/desiree paisner/
linda reaves/blake mc connell/shaun navarro/sky sosa /instructor:  paula levine