L. William Perttula ... Internet Marketing Professor

L. William Perttula 

  Marketing Department 

Internet Marketing Professor, Emeritus

My last semester of teaching at SFSU was spring 2012

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Business Ethics Week (12th annual)   November 6 ----- November 9, 2017 picture

Responsible for the development of Business Ethics Week in the College of Business, SFSU.

Williams College, B.A., 1968  
 University of California, Berkeley, M.B.A., 1973  
 London School of Economics, graduate study, 1973  
 Golden Gate University, Ph.D., 1981 

I began teaching at SFSU in 1975 with an introductory marketing class, a marketing research class, and a NEXA class on world hunger. I became full time in the Business School in 1983, and over the years I have taught marketing research, introductory marketing, sales management, small business marketing, and marketing management at the undergraduate level. In our MBA program I have taught the foundation course in marketing (Bus 787),the marketing seminar (Mktg 860), Internet Marketing (Mktg 869), and E-Commerce Marketing Strategy (Mktg 872). 

In 1984-85 I was a partner in a firm that put on forecasting seminars for business professionals. In the two day seminar we covered many psychological concepts that a good forecaster should understand along with quantitative techniques. 

My consulting work has been in the field of marketing with an emphasis in marketing research: survey design, questionnaire writing, data analysis, etc. In addition, I have been helping a small manufacturer with his business-to-business Internet marketing efforts including web page design ( Marathon Products, Inc .).  In early 2000 I became an advisor to www.automotivepartsnetwork.com , an auto parts retailer operating solely on the web. 

In the middle nineties I was involved in helping the Central Radio and TV University of China put together an introductory course in marketing for distribution on video to its dozens of sites all over China. I was their guest, along with two other business professors, in Beijing in May, 1995, explaining to Chinese instructors how the course material can be presented. 

For ten years ending in 2007 I taught a short marketing course at the University of Paris XII in Creteil, France, 4 miles southeast of Paris. 

For many years I have been following the development of the Internet and online teaching practices.  I taught an online marketing research course in April-June 1999 for U.C. Berkeley Extension.  I helped develop a MSBA in Electronic Commerce for the College of Business in 1999.  The MSBA and MBA Emphasis in Electronic Commerce began formally in fall 2000. 

I taught executive MBA courses in Seoul Korea in 2005 and 2006 for the Helsinki School of Economics. In the summers of 2007 and 2008 I taught a 3 week class in Internet Marketing for the Aarhus School of Business in Aarhus, Denmark.  I also taught Global Marketing for the ASB in Aarhus in summer 2008.  www.williamperttula.com

At SFSU I specialized in Internet Marketing for undergraduates. (Mktg 469)  In fall 2009 and spring 2010 I taught an online section of BUS 360, our business communications course.   In my last semester I taught Marketing Management (Mktg 649) in addition to Internet Marketing.

In fall 2011 I visited two universities in Romania: Valahia University in Targoviste and the Romanian American University in Bucharest.  I was a guest lecturer on Internet marketing. 

In March 2012 and in April 2013 I presented a 3 day seminar on Customer Relationship Management at the IAE graduate school of management at Aix-Marseille University, France.

In March 2017, I taught an intensive three week course in International Sales Management at Aalto University in Mikkeli Finland.

Each spring from 2012 through 2018 I presented a one week course on internet marketing at the Romanian American University in Bucharest, Romania. 

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Global Board of Advisors, CeMC, Melbourne, Australia cemcglobal.com Internet Marketing Standards Board 

Chair of the Marketing Department 1998 to 2001 
Associate Dean of the College of Business (acting)  September--November 2002.
Chair of the Marketing Department 2002-03
Acting Dean, College of Business (July 2004--July 2005)
Coordinator, Undergraduate Business Program (2005-06)
Coordinator, BUS 360 Business Communications course (2006--2010)
Chair of the Marketing Department  2009---August 19, 2011.