San Francisco State University

School of Engineering


Laboratory Syllabus

                        Engr 300 Engineering Experimentation                 Fall, 2011




Sec.01-02 – Ozer          TH 0935-1220,            TH 1735-2020

Sec.03-04 – Ozer             T 0935-1220,             TH 1410-1655

SCI 111


Main objective of this course is to enhance engineering students’ experimental skills. Students will be introduced to “modern” measurement devices, computer data acquisition and data analysis methods.

An open-ended project will allow students to demonstrate their ability to develop and test experimental hypothesis. Performing Labs are a group works. Reporting labs are individual.

Lab grade is 35% of the course grade. Students will be graded on the following basis:

Lab Schedule:    

LAB MANUAL: LAB-1-2-3-4-5&6-9-10  , Term Project & Safety-Good Lab Habit, Report Writing, How to operate Oscilloscope :(Analog, Digital)

Date                                                     Topics:

Sec. 01-2-3-4

Aug.23-25             Technical Report Writing,” Presentation by Jessica Scully                                    


Aug30, Sep01      *Lab 1- Introduction to spreadsheets and plotting (5%).(Raw Data.1) Grading sheet



Sep.06-08            *Lab 2- Basic Characterization of instrumentation (5%) Grading sheet, Worksheet, ,         


Sep.13-15            *Lab 3- Introduction to Electric Output Transducer (5%)  Grading sheet


Sep.20-22            *Lab 4- Introduction to Computerized Data Acquisition (5%) Grading sheet


Sep.27-29          **Lab 5&6 will be continued. Discuss Project Proposal (Sample Project1,  Sample Project2 )


Oct.04-06           **Lab 5&6- Measurement of Temperature and Pressure Cont. (10%)  Grading sheet


Oct.11-13               Review of sample reports,  By Jessica Scully(1-hr)                                    

                                 Review for Practical exam. To submit unofficial Project Proposal. 


Oct.18-20               Lab Practical Exam (25%), Lab Exam Prob-9[Projectile Mot.

 & Nor. Dist] To submit official Project Proposal (5%) 

Oct.25-27           **Lab 9- Statistical Analysis of Data (10%) Grading sheet


Nov.01-03            *Lab 10- Sampling Rate Experiment (5%)  Grading sheet

Nov.08-10               Open Ended Project 

Nov.15-17               Open Ended Project

Nov.29-Dec.01       Open Ended Project submission as e-copy


Dec.06-08           **Project Oral Presentation, (Power Point) (25%)


   Lab attendances are Mandatory and there are no makeup Labs. !!!

   You may be excused from one lab only at the case of a verifiable extreme emergency.!!!

(*) Technical Memo is due to at the end of the lab period.  

(**) Formal Report is due to the next lab period. (5-10 pages; 1000 words minimum)

Please Note: The first page of the report must be the grading sheet.

Print grading sheets before lab periods. (Without grading sheet no point!).