Patent Proposals - Art 511 Emerging Technologies - S,99

-patent for internal bike lock MC

visit site A battery-operated heated brassiere. By Mike Hiskey

visit site Here's my invention the Fart-Freshener...SN

visit site Things that make you go oooohhhh....djd

-Method and Means for Production and Viewing of Latent Photograph and Image Tatooing System

visit site Controllable Internal Communication System with built in cochlea implant, radio transmitter, microphone, answering system and remote switch. (STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION) - cb

-LCD Contact Lens--d.l.

-gps mapping on windshield of vehicle.-LJ

visit site Patent proposal for a personalized heated garment. NDD   l

-Beat on the Brat

visit site Personal Video Surveillance Disrupting Device.
[ J.C. & I.H. ]

-Computer Interface System Embedded into Standard Home Architecture

visit site Patent for Feminine Sanitary Products; utility and design

-I was inspired by Marcus's idea of a security lock installed in the hub of a bicycle. Only one problem: His invention is of the passive type. Not good for persistent thieves. Mine, however, is of the active type. Go to the site for details. Heh, heh, heh...

visit site Check out my concerns for America's obese. The bellywheel is my invention that will allow even fat people to run to the nearest all you can eat. And if your'e really fat you can invest in a second one to place under your ass!!But why won't my image appear?