Art Proposals Exploring Emerging Technologies

 (link missing) This is my project for a roadside installation that barks at you if it thinks you caused someone to get pissed off--Danny Lee

visit site I propose a series of bio-sculptures to be "grown" on sterilized platforms which will act as supports for stem cell seeded biopolymers. These biopolymers will be constructed using CAD (computer assisted design), which will accommodate two separate but integrated layers. The first or internal biopolymer layer will be laced with growth factors which will encourage the growth of cartilage forming cells. The second or out layer will be laced with skin forming growth factors. Since the biopolymers, by there design, will dissolve or biodegrade at a rate which equals the growth rate of the new tissue, what will remain is a sculpture consisting mainly of skin on a cartilage base.

visit site An installation that will simulate an individual's appearance 20 years down the road. - Carmela Bacani

visit site Project to use VR technologies to cure depression...SN   l

-Proposal for an artificially intelligent audience- rachel w

visit site Hearing Health by Jenny West

visit site "Fluid Document" model from Xerox Parc applied to post-modernism on the web. -Jonathan Cross

visit site Swami ram's Institute for Computing Nirvana in Palo Alto, CA. Research Center for development of improved health while computing, including "the Liberated Worker" system (patent pending). -Isaiah

-A sound project that deals with symboitic relationship between student and teacher and smaller technologies and larger ones by brice

-Project to create set of replaceable arms. leads to pix of the model I made for my final project. You can access the other pages on the work via the links on this one. It shows the creative ability manifested only in consummately great people like myself. - JLS

visit site Dance of the dead - jeff pizzo

-Play god and read more about Artificial Life. - LJ