Emerging Tech 99 Art Prop1

Student Tech Art Props1

Public Waste as Public Art - dl

visit site GenoTrends...co-branding the future!-dave d. local  Genotrends

Upgradeable Integrated Friendship System

Infrared detection in night vision as a metaphor for discovering hidden truth behind cultural icons, especially advertising... GODZILA2

visit site Proposal for a new method of 3D computer assisted sculpting.The essence of reality...-LJ

AutoPortrait. . .rw

visit site combines the technologies of biofeedback and
MP3 sound. :) Naomi

visit site Internal Communication System (ICS) auditory internal communication system - cb
installation idea concerning techno poo

The Furby Concept Page -jw

visit site VOICE ACTIVATED DIGITAL JOURNAL - I.H. A small, durable recorder allowing hikers to record their thoughts and experiences, and to hear the recordings of previous hikers. Broader implications are on the role of technology in "nature," the definition of nature from a cultural perspective. l

-Hybridization of nature in the Urban environment proposal, parrots of San Francisco

visit site This is a device by which one can record and then view the dreams they have had while sleeping. - Mike Hiskey-  l

visit site GEN-10 DESIGN ...Where we help design your body into a perfect "10"escription here -Steve Nobili  l

visit site This is my proposal "Words as illusions". It disusses gibberish, holography, and holographic video.-Vincent de Witt Huberts l

-It is the greatest virtual pain (JEFF PIZZO)