Listings of Experiments in Home Page Form

  • visit site This journal-style web page caught my eye because of the interresting imagery and graphics. I also like the anonymity of it. Poetic, and mysterious. I think the concept is interresting, especially the various layers that the viewer can click in to, bringing them to another ambiguous discovery in to the mind of an unknown jounal writer. RG

  • visit site description here

  • visit site This renders the other page of the same name invalid. Use this one only.

  • visit site The first link no longer works. I don't know why. Here is another one. Rachelle

  • visit site My web page - 10/22 /98: Did link over again b/c I didn't configure the directory correctly. Sill under constr of course. -- D. O.

  • visit site This is the way to my student home page. I changed directory titles. D.O.

  • visit site new address for my homepage - D.O.

  • visit site description here Nothing much really, just sill stuff

  • visit site this is the right one of silliness. jda

  • visit site this is the right one of silliness really, i am an idiot. jda

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