Speak your opinions about crime at the CrimeZyland art installation in San Francisco via a speech synthesizer

Web-Z-Crime is one of the events in CrimeZyland, the "Playland of Crime".  It lets you web visitors speak your opinions about crime at the installation site. The event uses the MacIntosh speech synthesizer to speak your opinions typed below.  You can watch physical visitors at the site as your words are spoken via the CrimeZyland webcam.  There is approximately a 20 second delay between the time you send your words and they are spoken.  Your words might come out in any of 15 different synthesizer personalities.

CrimeZyland in an interactive art installation open March 6-July 5, 1998  created by Stephen Wilson.  

It is a "Playland of Crime" that explores the ways media make a circus of crime and and also highlights neglected ways of thinking about crime. It is both a physical installation in the San Francisco Art Commission Gallery Exploration: City Site location (across from San Francisco's City Hall) and an event on the Web.

***Remote Web-Z-Crime***

The computer synthesizer will speak your words onto the street at the CrimeZyLand installation on Grove Stree across from San Francisco's City Hall

What do you think is the worst kind of crime?

Why is this the worst kind of crime?

What is your name?

Where are you located?

***Pick a Voice to Speak Your Words (optional)***

Crime-Z-Land will speak your words using the Macintosh Macintalk synthesizer voices.  You can pick the voice personality best able to represent your thoughts (the voice names are the official Apple names) or you can let the computer randomly pick a voice.

You can hear samples of the voices by clicking on links in the table below.  The samples will audition for you by speaking special augmented crime code descriptions from the Scan-Z-Crime event.  These are codes covering environmental, consumer, governmental and corporate crimes not customarily covered in police radio transmissions.

**Note samples are in .wav format and approximately 45-60k.  They require Navigator 3 or IE 3 or better.They all open into a special audition window; there is no need to close it until you are done listening. to all the samples you want.

Random - Don't Care 10 Good news Audition
6100, Shoddy Workmanship
Voice 1 Albert  Hear Audition
4300 ,Pollution of Air Water Earth
11 Hysterical  Audition
6200, Dangerous Products
2 Badnews  Audition
4500, Biological Pollution
12 Junior (twins)  Audition
6400, False advertising, fraud
3 Bahh  Audition
4600, Transfer Environmental Ofence
13 Kathy (twins)  Sorry Not Available
6500, Seductive advertising
4 Bells Audition
4900, Rape of natural resources
14 Pipe Organ Audition
6700, Destroy government oversight
5 Boing Audition
5100, Dehumanization of Work
15 Princess Audition
7100, Corporate financial manipulation
6 Bubbles Audition
5200 , Downsizing
16 Ralph Audition
7200, Bribery, influence peddling
7 Cellos Audition
5300 Endangerment of Workers
17 Trnoids Audition
7300, Financial manipulation
8 Deranged Audition
5500, Sweat Shop
18 Whisper Audition
7600, Police abuse
9 Fred Audition
5600, Exploit Third World Workers
19 Zarvox Audition
7800, Institutionalized racism

***Send your opinions to Crime-Z-land***


Show me a list of what people thought were the worst crimes


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For more information contact:
Stephen Wilson, Professor, Conceptual/Information Arts, Art Department, San Francisco State University

415 338-2291   swilson@sfsu.edu  http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~swilson/