Where and when does crime happen in San Francisco? The CrimeZyland installation creates a map of San Francisco using crime marker tape and poppies. Striped poles highlight the 10 highest crime areas in the city. A computer uses the SF Police Department CABLE data to activate each pole when a crime statistically would be happening. Toy police cars spring into action, lights flash, and devices whirl and swing. You can experience the pulse of the city 24 hrs a day. The assoicated Choose-Z-Crime attraction allows you to select which kind of crime is featured.

** Important note about statistics. The lot is based on 1996 statistics. It shows the whole year's statistics compressed into one day. It shows the relative frequency of crime by place and by hour. It is NOT a representation of 1 day's crimes. Even though the media would lead us to think crime is always happening, even the highest crime area would only have 3 or 4 events in a particular hour.

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For more information contact:
Stephen Wilson, Professor, Conceptual/Information Arts, Art Department, San Francisco State University

415 338-2291   swilson@sfsu.edu  http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~swilson/