CrimeZyland Links to Information & Perspectives About Crime

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Crime Statistics

SF Police Dept Crime Statistics by district

FBI Crime Statistics

Bureau of Justice Report

National Counties and Cities Crime Statistics crime statistics site (tutorials, explanations of crime statistics)

Rate your risk (online quiz to assess your vulnerability)

Information Visualization

Wilson Emerging Technology resources on Infomation Visualization

Miscellaneous Web Events focused on Crime

Death Fun Site (forensics, death videos, horror, euthanasia, cemetaries)

Internet Crime Archives (Famous criminals, serial killers, cults, cannibalism)

Links index on crime cults, and secret societies (famous criminals, serial killers, literature, history, etc)

Crime Scene Evidence File (Interactive participation in investigation)

News Art (graphics archives focused on crime)

Crime Files (unsolved crimes)

Corporate Crime - Research & Responsibility

Essential Information (Ralph Nader presentation of neglected information, monitor multinationals, news service)

DataCenter (Not for profit research center for activists)

Resources for Activists (Corporations, Activism, Environmental, Government)

George Draffan's Activist Research Manual  (Listings of books and information resources about corporations)

EFF Archive on Social Responsibility

Public Information Netowork (research and technical info on corporate and environmental research)

Responsible Investing (Links to funds and research)

Hoovers Online (Extensive research information on corporations - by location, industry, annual sales)

Net Gains (Article on resources for research on corporations - Computer Currents)

US Corporate Information (links)

News Art (white collar crime drawings)

Environmental Crime

Envirolink  (Extensive news service and Links)

GaeiaLink (Environmental information, ethical investing)

Environmental Research Tools

EPA Environmental Facts home page (Interactively customized data on polluters, toxics, air, watermaps)

Resources for Activists (Corporations, Activism, Environmental, Government)

Bay Area Progressive Directory (environmental, consumer, labor, consumer)

Environmental Defence Fund (interactive report card to find pollution in your area)

Consumer Crime

CALPRIG links (California Public Interest Research Group - government, consumer, environmental)

Internet Advocacy Center ( - alerts, legislation, media)

Analysis of Crime

Yahoo society and crime links (correction, prevention, criminology, death penalty, organized crime, etc)

Surf Point Links to Web Sites on Crime & Justice: :Crime Prevention, Crimes, Criminal Law Reform, Death Penalty, Law Enforcement, Missing Persons, Prisons and Sentencing, Victim Resources

Crime Forum (Crime-Free Organization Forums: Discussions of Crime's Impact on American Society, Criminal Justice System, Crime Prevention)

Heritage Foundation Candidate Briefing Page on Crime

Crime Watch (Crime Free Organization Digest of Recent News Items about Crime)

Victims & Prisoner's Rights

Crime Victims of California (monitor government, educate the public)

Article on citizens fighting crime Calgary (Canada) Herald

Living Praise Ministry (prison ministry links)

Good News Prison Ministry

Cocoooning (Staying at home because of crime and other urban dangers)

Article on Cocooning review of book Clicking by Faith Popcorn & Lys Marigold (Montreal Gazette)

By Design: Armoured Age Design Implications of Crime Future (Metropolis Magazine)

Police Scanner Radio Information

Police Scanner .com Radio (live broadcasts from around the country)

Frequency of Nature (listing of frequencies of California agencies and links to info)

BobParnass' Scanning FAQ

Yahoo Scanning Links

Clay Irving Scanning Info Site (frequencies, laws, codes, media, hardware)

California Police Codes

FCC Frequency Allocations  SRS Technologies list of FCC Frequencies

San Francisco Police Frequencies and Codes

C Crane Scanner Hardware Store

Grove - Monitoring Times Magazine & Hardware

Jim Fordyce scanning info (frequencies, how-to, hardware info)

Scanning Reference (laws and regulations)


Scanning Site Links (Publications, Commercial Sites, Publications, Regional Sites)

Police Training

Crime Scene Investigation and Photography (UC Riverside Police Dept)

Forensics on the Web Links Page (UC Riverside Police Dept)

Security Management Online (magazine for security professionals - forums, library of articles, products)

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