***This event de-activated with the de-installation of physical Crime-Z-land

CrimeZyLand is an art installation located across from San Francisco's City Hall.  It is a "Playland of Crime" that explores our attitudes about crime. This computer controlled kinetic event activates light, sound, and action to visualize the crime level in various districts of the city 24 hours a day.  It runs from March 6 - July 5,1998.  More details are available at the main CrimeZyland page.

Who is in Control?  

Users can select the crime focus of the installation - murder, corporate negligence,...?  The choice can be made by people physically at the installation or by World Wide Web visitors from anywhere in the world. Priority goes to those who were brave enough to come out in the flesh - possibly exposing themselves to crime.

You web visitors can attempt to control the lot, but remember a physical visitor can change the focus at any time.  Check out the web camera to see the physical controllers.  There may be a 20 second delay between your choice and its attempted implementation at CrimeZyLand.

***This event de-activated with the de-installation of physical Crime-Z-land

What kind of crime should the CrimeZyLand installation map?

All Combined





Car theft

BiZness as usual (corruption,fraud,oppression...)

Environmental (air,water,food,species...)

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For more information contact:
Stephen Wilson, Professor, Conceptual/Information Arts, Art Department, San Francisco State University

415 338-2291   swilson@sfsu.edu  http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~swilson/