Verbal Modifiers

1) People were learning things, both cognitive and social, and doing things, individually and collectively, making contributions, connecting ideas, generating knowledge.

Mike Rose, Possible Lives, 416 2) It is so hard to have insight into a spider’s mind that it is almost impossible to guess whether it loves its eggs, based on present knowledge.
    1. M. Masson and S. McCarthy, When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Life of Animals, 68
3) Eating disorders themselves can have harrowing long-term consequences, including anemia, liver and kidney damage, infertility, and loss of bone mass that may contribute to osteoporosis. Peggy Orenstein, School Girls:
Young Women, Self-Esteem, and the Confidence Gap, 93
4) Having no choice but to be what they were—Ben and Jerry selling ice cream—their message was "unpretentious and down home," to use Ben’s term. Paul Hawkin, Growing a Business, 33-4 5) Even where the actual difference in spending between districts is not so vast, the poorer districts—waiting often up to the last minute to receive part of their budget from other sources—find themselves repeatedly held hostage to decisions of suburban legislators who have no direct stake in the interests of low-income children.
Jonathan Kozol, Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools, 204
6) This is the greatest danger for our species, to try to pretend that we are another kind of animal, that we do not need to satisfy our curiosity, that we can get along somehow without inquiry and exploration and experimentation.
Lewis Thomas, Medusa and the Snail, 75
7) Since they were found at Ocean Beach a week ago, the two rare beaked whales—named Nicholas and Alexander—have inspired a remarkable but very human effort to save them.
S.F. Examiner, 8/31/89
8) As I approach [the building], I see two eighth grade boys, students at Audubon, sitting the curb, watching for slow cruising cars whose drivers might be interested in buying crack; they smile and wave as I pass by.
Orenstein, 173
9) In defiance of a federal judge's temporary restraining order, about 250 anti-abortion protesters blocked an Oakland Planned Parenthood clinic for nearly four hours, singing hymns, reciting prayers and taunting pro-choice counter-demonstrators.
S.F. Examiner, March 12, 1989, B-1
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