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"Weak Formal Schemes" Nagoya Math J. XLV (1972) pp. l-38
"The First Monsky-Washnitzer Cohomology Group" Nagoya Math J XLVIII (1972) pp. 99-128
"Simultaneous Sensory Adaptation to Light" J. Theor. Biol. (1981) 91 pp. 397-415 (with J. Tomlinson)
"Displaying Moving Graphics" Hot Coco August 1983 pp. 108-127
"Snark" ibid., May 1984 pp. 70-72
"Fractions" ibid., November 1984
"Carl the Robot" ibid., September-October 1984
"All Sorts of Sorts" ibid., July 1985
"A Look at Logo" ibid., July 1985
"Parallel Processing with Color Logo", ibid., August 1985
"Diskfix" ibid., 1985
"Superlogo" ibid., October 1985
CC - The Calculus Calculator with 200 page manual, Prentice-Hall, 1990
X(PLORE) for the PC, Prentice-Hall, 1992
X(PLORE) for the Macintosh, Prentice-Hall, 1994
"Resolving Receptor Heterogeneity using Fourier-Derived Affinity Spectrum Analysis and LIGAND: Benzodiazepine Receptors in the Rat Spinal Cord", The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics , (1994) Vol. 273, No. 2 (with P. Maguire, et. al.)

2005 Commemorative Medal of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic
for X(PLORE)

Daedalus software for Deadalus Compensation Consultants 1995 (with D. Ellis and A. Dukhovny)
Compete and Saturate: two Windows programs for ligand analysis. Developed under an NIH Small Business Innovation Research grant at Molecular Research Inc., Palo Alto, CA 1996
Distcomp Program to calculate similarities and cluster molecules based on 3-d conformations. Written for Molecular Research Inc. Palo Alto, CA 1966.

"An unsolved problem about polynomial maps", at CSU Sonoma 1978
"Algebraic D-modules", to the Math Colloquium at Cal Poly (SLO) 1983
"Newton, the Principia, and the Calculus", at SFSU Math Colloquium April 1985
"Derived Categories and the Direct Image Functor on Holonomic Modules" 7 week seminar offered at Cal Poly (SLO), 1985
"Calculus in Newton's Principia", to the Math Colloquium at Cal Poly (SLO) November 1985
"Faculty and calculus teaching", at the meeting on Humanistic Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College, April 1986
"Nexa and Humanistic Mathematics" at the January 1986 meeting of the American Math Society, San Antonio
"Mathematical Computing" 12-week seminar for SFSU math faculty 1987
"What High School Students Should Know about Matrices" Talk delivered to audience of high school math teachers at SFSU March 22, 1988
"Introduction to Computer-based Calculators" at Sonoma State Math Colloquium, October 25, 1989
"Using Computer-based Calculators" at USF Computer Science Colloquium, March 22, 1990
"Problems for Computer-based Calculators" at JUST DO IT conference at Chico State, April 21, 1990
MAA High School Presentations at Kennedy High School, Richmond, CA on May 8, 1990; at Emery High School, Emeryville, CA on May 15, 1990; and at El Cerrito High School, El Cerrito, CA on May 22, 1990
"Solving Math Problems with Computers" Irvine Community College, November 4, 1991
"Problems for Computer Solutions" Humboldt State University, March 5, 1992
"Computers and Mathematics" Diablo Valley Community College, March 24, 1992
"Solving Equations with CC" CMC3 meeting, Irvine, CA, March 28, 1992
"Workshop on X(PLORE)", Math and Technology Conference, Chicago, November 1992
"Computing and Mathematics",CMC3 meeting, Monterey, CA, December 1992
"Solving Equations and Polynomial Equations" at Whiskeytown Mathematics Conference, May 15, 1993
"Computing Solutions to Harvard Calculus Problems" at Mathematics Education Colloquium Series, San Joaquin Delta College, February 5, 1994
"X(PLOR)ing Calculus" California Math Council-Community Colleges, South Annual Meeting, Rancho Santiago College, March 18, 1994
"Researching a Problem in Applied Mathematics" SFSU Mathematics Colloquium Series April 6, 1994 (with D. Ellis)
"Linear Programing in Pharmacokinetic Analysis" Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics Research Group at VA Palo Alto Health Care System Department of Anesthesia, September 1996
"The Mixture Problem"
SFSU Mathematics Colloquium March 1997
"Computers and Problem Solving" San Jose State University, May 1997
"Calculus and Computing" SFSU CET Meeting on Technology and Learning, October 1997

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