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Summer Research Program 2001 in Nanobiotechnology

           The Nanobiotechnology Center (NBTC), with faculty located at the Wadsworth Center - New
          York State Department of Health, Cornell University, Princeton University and Oregon Health
          Sciences University, extends an invitation to undergraduates to participate in our Summer Research
          Program. Undergraduates will have an opportunity to be exposed to the field of nanobiotechnology,
          and to join a National Science Foundation-supported effort which seeks to develop new tools and
          processes that link engineering and biology.

          The 25 faculty in the NBTC are biologists, engineers, chemists, and materials scientists who are
          pursuing a number of different areas of research that push the frontiers of fabrication in pursuit of
          tools needed to address biological problems. Research areas include:

               Fabricating micro-scale motors powered by biological fuels.
               Creating probes which can measure the biochemical contents of a single cell.
               Growing neurons on microfabricated surfaces to develop networks.
               Developing biosensors that can rapidly measure bacterial pathogens in foods and the

          More Information about Albany.

          2000 NBTC REU Student Research Projects and Mentors

          Students are provided with travel costs, housing, a food allowance and a stipend of $2500.
          Students are housed in a large Victorian house, located in a residential neighborhood within walking
          distance of the laboratories.

          Application process

            1.Applicants are sought who are majoring in a natural science, computer science or
               mathematics; who will have completed their first, second or third year of study by the
               summer; and who are interested in attending graduate school with the goal of pursuing a
               career in science.
            2.Interested students should submit a resumé, college transcripts, letters of recommendation
               from two faculty members, and a one-page statement describing why they want to participate
               in this program and stating their field of interest under separate cover, in addition to the
               on-line application.
            3.Applications are encouraged from students attending colleges with limited research
               opportunities and from students who are members of groups underrepresented in the
               sciences, such as women, racial minorities and the physically challenged.
            4.Applicants must be citizens of the U.S. or resident aliens.
            5.Click here to fill out an on-line application.

         Please send application material by February 1, 2001 to:

                         Summer Undergraduate Research Program
                         Wadsworth Center, Room C345
                         Empire State Plaza, Box 509
                         Albany, NY 12201-0509
                         Phone: (518) 474-6196

                         email: panders@wadsworth.org



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