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USGS #233 - Mineral Resources Team Assistant Earth Science Internship 

US Geological Survey 


Contact: Jennifer Fontes 179 South Street Boston, MA 02111 
Email: Jfontes@eco.org 
fax: 617-426-8159 

Location: Reston, VA 
Compensation: $20,970.35.88 per year, $10.09 per hour 
Start date: ASAP Deadline: DECEMBER 8, 2000 
Duration: not to exceed one year 

Project Description: Project is in the Minerals Information Team (MIT), Metals Section. The MIT has the responsibilities of monitoring production and consumption of mineral and material commodities, nationally and internationally. In support of this activity, the MIT maintains a database of information about domestic industry, a part of which is the geographic location (i.e., the latitude and longitude) of the domestic operation. The intern will provide support for compiling, verifying, and displaying the geographic location of domestic mines and/or processing plants surveyed by the MIT. Objectives of the Internship: The internship will afford an outstanding student the opportunity to assist in the development of cutting edge databases and visualization work within the metals program of the US Geological Survey. The intern will learn new software, enhance his or her skills with software currently used, and will assist in the creation and production of new products and new graphics for existing product lines. Specific Tasks: 1. The intern, working in cooperation with the project coordinator, will collect and map locations using the Internet, Geographic Information System (GIS) and other software. 2. The intern will retrieve information from both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are aerial photomaps and Global Positioning System (GPS) meters; secondary sources are geocoded information, which include paper or electronic maps from the Internet, other government agencies, and commercial sources. 3. The intern will then translate that information into geospatial data that can be mapped, coordinate with the appropriate commodity specialist regarding completeness and accuracy of information collected, and store collected data along with metadata (a commentary on the information collected) using EXCEL spreadsheet and Microsoft Word computer software. 4. The intern will cross check geographic information with other sources of information such as MIT or USGS data bases, and will prepare maps showing specific geospatial aspects of the information collected (e.g. the State and county in which the respondent is located, 5. The intern will prepare: 1) an EXCEL spreadsheet containing AMIS respondent I.D. number, respondent latitude and longitude, and EPA Facility I.D. (or other cross reference information where applicable); 2) a Microsoft Word file that includes AMIS, CMS and RCF information, latitude and longitude along with the source, date of acquisition, and method of determination of that information, and commentary of the research process leading up to the determination of latitude and longitude where appropriate 3) a map showing the location of the respondent relative to the State and county in which it is located. Work Experience Benefit(s) to Intern: Training and experience in new software, and in new applications of software. Familiarity with USGS Minerals Information Team operations and personnel as well as other functions and personnel. Specific Qualifications Required: Requires at least an Associates Degree or 60 Credit hours from a US college or university or US citizen that studied abroad. Able to work 40 hours per week. International students must be eligible to work in the US for up to two years without sponsorship from the USGS or ECO. 1) The intern should have 2 years or more of training in a physical science (including but not limited to engineering, geology, or other physical science) 2) The intern must have basic computer skills with technical proficiency in using personal computers and software, specifically EXCEL or other spreadsheet and WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, or other word processor, GIS software experiences desriable but not required. Additional Qualifications Desirable: 1) Intern should have demonstrated ability to solve problems encountered in project work. 2) In dealing with outside agencies and organizations, Intern should be able to represent the USGS in a professional manner. 3) Intern should have good record keeping and communication skills necessary to report progress of tasks. DIVERSITY INITIATIVE: If you are part of an underrepresented group, please state your interest in ECO's Diversity Initiative by typing or printing in the upper right hand corner of the first page of your resume the following: DIVERSITY INITIATIVE. Be sure this is included before you send your resume. Jennifer Fontes USGS Internship Program Manager The Environmental Careers Organization 179 South Street Fifth Floor Boston, MA 02111 jfontes@eco.org FAX)617-426-8159


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