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As you can see, this is a work in progress. We're still writing the text. We have a pretty good preliminary set of links for finding internship opportunities that we wanted to make available, so we have. 

What is coop education--jobs with academic credit

How to find them

How to apply
    Resume writing
    Application letter

How faculty can help
    discuss your goals
    sponsor academic side of coop    

For information about the SFSU coop program, which has many internship opportunities for students, see http://www.sfsu.edu/~cooped  


Links to Opportunities

A few hours spent at these sites will be repaid many times over. Learn about the many wonderful opportunities available to you. If the deadline has passed for this year, keep the opportunity in mind for next year. Most of these programs operate for many years.

American Mathematical Society
    Information about grad schools, internships, summer programs and more

Mathematical Association of America
    Another great source of general information for students.

NASA--many opportunities

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Programs for all undergraduates and for preservice teachers

Clarkson University

University of Arizona

Scripps Institute

Cal Tech Minority Fellowships

Mellon Minority Fellowships

Cal Poly SLO Summer Program in Research for Undergraduates

Research Experience for Undergraduates at Clemson in Computational Number Theory and Combinatorics

Cornell University Mathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute

Nanofabrication--many locations

Opportunities in Russia

University of Michigan Engineering Research Center

Wadsworth Center 

Bureau of Land Management

http://www.wise-intern.org/  Washington (DC) Internships in Science and Engineering

Opportunities at Oak Ridge National Laboratories (pdf file)

Program by and for Native Americans

Opportunities in Bioengineering at University of Washington

Marine Science in South Carolina

Undergraduate Mathematical Research at Miami (Ohio) University

Research Experience for Undergraduates at CSU San Bernardino 

AYALA (Bell Labs in Denver)

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates in China

University of Missouri

SUNY Alliance for Inclusive Graduate Education

Clare Boothe Luce Scholarships in Science and Engineering (for Women)

United States Geologic Survey

Various Diversity Programs in US Government

Entry Points--internships for disabled students

Links to other pages of links:

You can start by going to www.google.com and searching "graduate student interships". That's where the list below came from.

http://www.go.com then search on "internships"

http://www.dbm.com/jobguide/intern.html#intern This is a list of lists

http://www.internshipprograms.com/home.asp This one wants you to sign on.

http://www.gradschool.cornell.edu/grad/students/careers.html#links Another list of lists, very long This is a very long list of government and private opportunities. Not every entry is an internship, but there are a lot of internships here.

http://www.careerjournal.com/ This site is sponsored by the Wall Street Journal. Search on "internship".

http://www.ams.org/careers-edu/undergrad.html  A web page from the American Mathematical Society with information about internships, careers, etc.

http://nextwave.sciencemag.org/miscinet/  This is the AAAS Minority Scientists Networks, which is full of valuable information and links for any young scientists. It is best accessed from an SFSU computer, since some resources are only available to dues-paying members of AAAS, and SFSU is an institutional member.







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