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Dear Colleague, 

I am writing to inform you about our study/research abroad programs that are designed specifically for physics, math, computer science and engineering majors. All programs are all-inclusive and conducted in ENGLISH. All programs are all-inclusive and conducted in ENGLISH. 

If you feel that these programs can be academically enriching and beneficial, please inform your students. Thank you. Science, Math and Technology Research Abroad Program at Moscow State University, Puschino Science Center - Russia 

This program includes intensive laboratory research, under the supervision of senior scientists, preparation for journal publication, and courses in science and Russian studies. 

The Puschino Science Center is Russia's premier research facility - consisting of 9 institutes with hundreds of laboratories and departments. 

The Center provides research opportunities in biomedicine, molecular biology, recombinant DNA technology, environmental science, soil science, analytic chemistry, applied mathematics, physics, astronomy, radio-astronomy, biophysics, biochemistry, permafrost and many, many more fields of science. 12 of our students have been published in prominent journals in the USA, Europe and Canada. http://www.KnowledgeExchange.org/psc.htm 

Physics, Mathematics and Engineering Research Abroad Program at the University of Leipzig - Germany This program offers research and courses in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science and engineering. Preparation for journal publication is highly stressed. University of Leipzig is well known for its faculty and contributions to computational sciences. http://www.KnowledgeExchange.org/studyabroad.htm 

All programs include: * courses and research * textbooks, and all academic and research fees * living accommodations in University dormitory with optional home-stay * medical coverage at the University clinic * roundtrip travel and ground transportation * visa and other documentation * on-site director and support staff * sightseeing and cultural excursions in the host country If you would like references from students who participated or currently participating in the programs please let me. Our students are very happy with the programs and find them academically beneficial and socially rewarding. The Institute also offers professional development opportunities for faculty. 

For more information visit http://www.KnowledgeExchange.org/cis.htm and follow the menu link to "Schools & Faculty".

 Thank you for your time, 

Eduard Izraylovsky 
Principal Director 
Knowledge Exchange Institute Center for International Studies P.O. Box 332 West Nyack, NY 10994


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