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More Information on BLM Summer Program


The following are answers to students frequently asked questions about BLM internship dates, housing, transportation and mentoring Tell your students that internships begin this summer. If a student's school is near his/her BLM internship site, the internship may be extended into the semester. Whether work hours are accumulated during the summers or semesters plus summers, each student must complete 640 hours of work and finish degree requirements to be eligible to convert noncompetitively to a permanent position with BLM.

Your students can expect BLM employees to assist them with housing arrangements. They will be guided to host families, government lodging, or affordable, nearby apartments. They will pay for their own housing out of their salaries, which range from $8.50 to $13.00 @ hour, depending upon their education /work experience. BLM pays for airline tickets to and from internship sites. If your students drive their own vehicles, BLM will pay them mileage. Typically, interns get to work by car pooling with BLM employees, bicycling, taking public transit, or driving their own vehicles.

Each student who becomes a BLM intern will be assigned a mentor as well as a supervisor. Mentors are attentive to students’ needs, worries, and concerns, and generally make sure that they are all right. I'd like to know how things are progressing. Do you have student interest? What questions do your students have? Please call or e-mail me.

Madeleine Vessel


(505) 522-6209


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