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TestGiver is a program that:

  1. displays your homework problems
  2. gives you a place to enter your answers
  3. tells you if the answers are right or wrong
  4. prepares a report of your results to send to your teacher

Date of this version: 

                September 20, 2001

Installing TestGiver 

TestGiver is distributed in a single setup file:  Setup_TestGiver.exe. Download the file and save it in a temporary directory. Execute the file and TestGiver will be installed on your computer.  Once TestGiver is installed, you can delete Setup_TestGiver.exe from the temporary directory.

Information about using TestGiver is contained in the program's help file and in the document User's Manual for the Test Management System.pdf . This document is part of the program distribution. When you run Setup_TestGiver.exe, the User's Manual is created in the program directory.

Download Setup_TestGiver.exe

Installing TestGiver from a Zip File

Some users cannot download executable files. Instead of Setup_TestGiver.exe, you can download Setup_TestGiver.zip, which contains Setup_TestGiver.exe. Unzip the file and Setup_TestGiver.exe will appear.

Download Setup_TestGiver.zip

The Test Management System is a suite of three programs:


With these programs you can prepare tests to distribute, students can take the tests,  and you can record the results. Information about using the complete system is in the document User's Manual for the Test Management System.pdf  If you want the complete system, download a zip file with all necessary programs. They will run when unzipped, but they will not show up on your Start Menu or be associated with any data files.



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