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Fairmont Elementary School

In an effort to reach out to students at the elementary school level the Márquez-Magaña lab has conducted tours for the first grade Spanish immersion class at Fairmount Elementary school and participated in a "I'm Going to College" activity for 5th graders at John Sweet. Students in the Marquéz-Magaña lab have acted as a tour guides and role models for the first-graders. When they come to SFSU they are toured through several locations on campus but their favorite activity is invariably the "hands on" experience in the lab. The first-graders don coats and gloves, peer through microscopes, even get to take home an eppendorf tube of sterile water they have prepared themselves. This year, 5th graders from John Sweet were invited to a "Biotech Brunch". Using reagents found in most kitchens, the 5th graders isolated DNA from strawberries in an actual laboratory environment and then were treated to smoothies!

..."My dream is for one of the youngsters to come back in a decade or so and ask if they can work in the lab during the summer as high school students!"
... Dr. Leticia Márquez-Magaña

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