After living in the US as a French Canadian for over 25 years, I decided to take the Oath of Allegiance and became an American citizen. Luckily for me, Canada, just like Israel, the UK, France and many other countries, permits one to become American without giving up one’s old status. I am now a dual citizen; I am now attached to two countries, two languages.

Multiple attachments are, of course, a fact of life. We are fathers to our children, and children to our parents. We are domestic partners, professors, catholic, Californian, and Artists. We are all these things and more, but that doesn’t mean we can add to our attachments indefinitely, or avoid making choices about which are primary. Nor does it mean that we can add new parallel fundamental attachments without consequences. We can be fathers, spouses, but we can’t maintain a primary attachment to two spouses at the same time. We cannot easily be observant Muslims and Christians at the same time. Nor can we equally hold the profound attachments, equally, that nationality represents to several countries at the same time. Are some kinds of attachments simply incompatible? Will certain attachments require a choice?